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Do I need to get a PPI - buying car from an independent....


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3 Nov 2012
So I have put my deposit down on a stunning 996 Turbo, the specialist in question has a very good reputation and deals with Porsche daily and is their only business, I am wondering if I just go with their analysis of the car or do i get a PPI myself, they have suggested they could take it to a local OPC for their 111 point check, but this is 190.00 plus vat, am i wasting my money? I have negotiated a nice 1 year warranty package with the car, and its currently in their workshop having the issues they spotted being fixed, what do people usually do, the car i am buying is their stock, they have purchased outright and not sale or return.

JZM have a very good reputation from what I've read and heard - I'd go with their 111 point check and forget the PPI ... the PPI's I looked into when I was buying were a total waste of money after reading their small print (which contained nothing but disclaimers and 'non-liability' statements - plus the huge list of items they wouldn't check on a car)
Never dealt with them but read an article in the last month in a Porsche magazine about them and they appear to be a good name on all counts.
My personal preference would be to have an independent inspection so that it may confirm the car has been prepped very well with nothing outstanding or likely to need work during the warranty period (hassle factor of taking the car back and not knowing what is covered what is not) and having an indication of those things that might fall due shortly after the warranty is over or when the first MOT or service is due.

I know it costs a few hundred quid, but if this is really the car you want and it ticks all the boxes, then why not invest in an independent inspection?
Thanks, yes well the reason i am buying from JZM is because of their excellent reputation!

The y have obviously checked the car prior to taking is as stock, so am i being paranoid getting an official Porsche centre to have a look as well?

Is it needed?
JZM is a top dealer and I do not think you can go wrong with them. I would not bother with an OPC inspection. Which 996 turbo at JZM did choose, I think they have two ?
ok thanks

Lapis blue 996 Turbo

Utterly amazing machine!!!! Can't wait to get it......
I am sure you will be pleased. They are a top dealer and I am sure they will not let you down, they will not risk their reputation.
I sold my 996 turbo on an SOR basis through them two years ago and the PPI they did on my car was amazing, this would give me confidence buying from them. I was and am still considering buying the yellow 996 turbo from them, the only hesitation I have is the colour although I love it.
Tbh they have been excellent so far, I spent 4 hours in there discussing the car, looking over it, discussing options etc,

I had a look over the yellow Turbo, not my ideal colour choice but in the metal the car looked incredible, it also looks like new!!! Very striking, and with the black interior with yellow backed sports seats and centre console looks very super car esque...
IMO a car taken in and sold by JZM will have had a far better inspection than any PPI would provide. You're already paying a premium for a 'specialist dealer' supplied car and have a decent warranty. Anything that might go wrong with the car is covered.

Buy and enjoy. :thumb:
Yes, it's the reason i choose to go with a specialist, just being ultra paranoid, my dream car, waited a long time for this and don't want any nasty surprises!

Counting down the days until i get it

Make sure they did check the brakes properly. Wheels need to come off. Majority of Porches sold out there with OPC or others have corroded vibration dampers and sometimes they are .....gone. pads and discs need to be check properly. You must ask.
JZM are very professional . You should be fine. Enjoy !!!!!

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