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Do I Need a New Clutch?


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12 Jan 2013
Hi all,

I had my free summer health check at Wilmslow Porsche Centre a couple of weeks ago and one of the things they picked up on during the road test was a heavy clutch. I just thought it was Porsche clutch's as I've only owned the car 5 months I've nothing to compare it with.

The mechanic took me under the car on the ramp and showed me a wet oil patch where the gear box connects to the engine and told me the rear main seal was leaking oil and that the longer I left it the more pressure it would place on the internal parts of the gearbox everytime I depress the clutch. He didn't say it needed doing immediately but he said I ought to get it replaced in the next couple of months.

Whilst I don't mind spending money keeping my car in good condition I don't want to spend the thick end of £1000 if I don't have to yet. Should I live with the heavy clutch (which isn't mega heavy, I wouldn't of thought anything was wrong if it hadn't been pointed out to me) and wait until it starts slipping. Or should I bite the bullit and fork out for a new clutch?

Thoughts anyone?


ive got a 996 c4

it went in to porsche silver link newcastle (jct600 group)

i got the same reports back

the cluch is heavy and would need replacing with a quote of £1300

the mechanic told me afterwards it wasnt a problem and run it till it starts to slip.

to be safe i have put some money to one side

had quotes from specialists for around £750
You can run the car as long as the clutch doesn't start slipping. But if the shaft seal starts leaking (as you've probably been told) the danger is increasing that your clutch (disc) can be ruined by oil. And then ist starts slippering immediately. So it then needs to be replaced by short notice.
I'm sure they checked this but check the spring on the clutch pedal. I know they have a habit of going and makes the pedal really heavy.

JZM said I needed a new clutch. Turned out it was just the clutch pedal spring.
As you are going to Porsche Wilmslow, I assume you are within reasonable distance of Sports & Classic in Knutsford. I'd recommend that you seek an opinion from Mike at Sports & Classic. He is very knowledgeable on the 996 and gearbox/clutch issues.

Something that you should be careful about is clutch failure that may result in flywheel damage - that can be a very expensive repair as the flywheel doesn't come cheap!

On a general note, I'd say that any oil leak (except weeping RMS on NA cars) should be sorted befoe it becomes something bigger (more costly).

I am like you, I have had my car six months. But I had Mike do a PPI and then put things right during the purchase process. Granted some of the things could have waited 12 months but my choice was to have the car put right at the outset. Give him a call and take a drive over and have a chat. A second opinion does no harm. I was tempted by the free check at Wilmslow but decided not to do it - I had all things sorted on my car during the purchase and I do wonder if there is such a thing as a free health check - my car runs great but these checks may reveal x or y work at £a or £b cost is required - how much is really necessary?
The issue with the RMS is that once they start to leak they rarely hold station and usually(but not always) get worse over time. On rare occasions they can let go and start dumping lots of oil.

My advice is to bite the bullet. Once they drop the gearbox they can inspect the clutch at the same time and report/replace as required.

You can try 10w oil as a stop-gap(it may reduce the leak qty)

Are you using 0w or 5w currently?
That's very low price for an independent. The going rate is around £1200 inc VAT. So I wonder how they can do it at that price - assuming they use an OEM replacement clutch then the labour rate must be £25/hour!

I'd chat to them before proceeding - and if you are up this neck of the woods (Cheshire) its long way to Droitwich - I know cos I lived there. It is about 10 miles north of Worcester so it means around 160 miles round trip to show them and again if you want them to do it.
Hi all,

Thanks for the advice. I have been quoted £1000 inc vat at NineMeister in Warrington for a clutch, rear main seal, intermediate shaft seal, fitted.

Cheshire 911 - yes I live in Manchester and my parents live in Knutsford so it would be worth popping into Sports and Classics just to get a second opinion.

I'll check out the clutch pedal spring as well, I would hate to fork out for a new clutch to find it was just a spring!!

I'll set some cash aside and monitor the situation to see if the clutch gets heavier or starts slipping. Like I said in my first post, it didn't feel that heavy to me, I wouldn't have thought there was a problem had it not been raised by the Porsche mechanic at Wilmslow Porsche.

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