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DIY Gundo thread 2004 997.1


11 Mar 2021
As per my intro thread here

I've purchased a 2004 997.1 that needs a little bit fettling.

I have quite a list of items from the PPI and that's before a garage garage hasn't seen it!

I had bought some parts for jobs that I know need doing and things I can do, which are the mufflers and the rear discs at this stage.

First up is the mufflers on the car, they're rotten so I picked myself up some used also rotten ones! Why? I intend to use them to experiment with the Gundo hack and I think I can fix them up and get a few years out of them.

I'm calling it the Gundo, it could be Fister I'm not sure which but I'm attempting the version that joins the inlet/outlet with a short pipe.

The used mufflers I bought I knew had seam root, one worse than the other but I thought that should be easy to fix however upon cleaning the mufflers I found some rust holes, impact damage on the muffler and couple of cracked pipe/muffler joins.

Here is one showing the original seam, this is the worst seam!

997.1 by The Shipwright, on Flickr

Better or least worst seam!

997.1 by The Shipwright, on Flickr

Cracked pipe/muffler joint

997.1 by The Shipwright, on Flickr

Rusted through hole in the muffler

997.1 by The Shipwright, on Flickr

Hole caused by impact, I assume

997.1 by The Shipwright, on Flickr

I had assumed I would shape and craft the seam repair part on the work bench but on the day I thought I'd tack one side place and see how easy it would be to manipulate, i.e use a hammer, to shape the new plate. I've never worked with 1mm mild steel so wasn't sure what it would be like. It shaped easily with and retained a smooth non hammered appearance.

Pic of muffler with some paint applied and the seam plate tacked on

20210320_151801 by The Shipwright, on Flickr

Nearly hammered all the way

20210320_151853 by The Shipwright, on Flickr

Seam repair in place weld unpainted, with my weld on show in all it's glory :oops:

20210320_153156 by The Shipwright, on Flickr

Painted seam

997.1 by The Shipwright, on Flickr

Pipe/muffler joints repaired again not the best of welds but I've not welded for 30 years!

997.1 by The Shipwright, on Flickr

Impact damage repaired

997.1 by The Shipwright, on Flickr

Rusty hole in muffler repaired (again not my best welding!)

997.1 by The Shipwright, on Flickr

I may revisit this repair, by removing the support bracket, dressing the welds and fitting a plate over the hole and then re-weld the support bracket on top of the plate.

Next up is the Gundo/Fister when the 40mm tubing arrives and new rear discs and then some motoring fun!

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