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Disaster,coolant leak


New member
18 Jan 2022
So today got about a mile from home and noticed steam out of the rear
Vents ,so turned around back home and when i have looked a small plastic tee pipe has broke ,made do and connected both pipes filled the coolant up and started ,small amount of steam but nothing major i have had to top the header up and noticed that the gauge stays just over half way but now have mayo in the oil filler neck,disaster ,so could well be head gaskets ,the gauge never got past the quarter and the steam was from the hose dumping coolant on the semi hot engine i must have done no more than a mile ,2 weeks ownership feeling a bit p***ed off ,have i really been unlucky .
Calm down young man .. mayo in the oil filler neck is normal .. you worry when it's in the coolant bottle .

From the sounds of things you have the small plastic pipe to the n/s/r which has broken .

Head gasket failure in 996 is very rare .. i've seen less than a handful in 18 years on all models of Porsche .

Pictures if possible for me to confirm but so far i don't feel you have an issue .
Thanks for the reply,my concern is the fact that before this i was adding some oil and looking in the filler neck i noticed a small amount of yellow mayo but after this incident i have gone on a quick drive got back and
Checked the expansion tank topped it up and then took off the oil filler ,white gunge ,i will clear it tomorrow and then get it up to temp and see,i will post some pics and hope for the best .
The oil filler neck is exposed .. it is subject to high and low temps .. water in the oil or rather condensation due to temperature extremes emulsifies and creates mayo ... this is an oil / water mix .

Some cars have this and some don't depending on conditions the cars is stored and used . .. yours has just had boiling hot water on it .. i would tend to say that's a temperature extreme that would cause mayo .

If you have a dipstick then pull it out .. mayo on that in the oil section and ok there is an issue .

For now .. i don't feel there is a problem .

I've seen one or two porsches over the years shall we say :)
I have now realised this is the AOS coolant pipe connector ,i have noticed
this part can be upgraded to a aluminium part ,will update tomorrow .
Can i ask if i need a vac pump to correctly fill the coolant system ,
I have just topped it up bit at a time as it cooled .
Vac pump is only needed if you have replaced the rads or drained the system .. you won't get an airlock from a pipe on the engine .. well .. i very much doubt you will .. airlocks are at the front and stop circulation .

Basic check is always .. do you get warm air from the heater vents on hot with car running .. if yes you won't have an airlock .
Hi.thanks for the reply,hot air from the vents so thats a relief ,


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Relief, :thumbs: many thanks for the helpful replies to my coolant situation,have now got it back up and running fine ,up to temo and thankfully no problems .

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