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13 Jun 2010
Porsche have contacted me and have offered to buy back my car - this is the second time they've tried and have now offered me 7k more than I paid for it 20 months ago - obviously used car prices have increased significantly over the last year but now it's thrown up a very tempting offer.

What would OPC normally have as mark up on their vehicles after a purchase or PX - might give me some more wiggle room for when he comes round this afternoon
Its hard to judge as they may want the car to keep another customer happy and even make a loss on it (I've seen that with other marques where dealers will pay overs at Auction to keep customers happy).....

The question for me would be would I then have to pay overs to get a replacement car :?: .........or just settle for the fact that the car is not likely to lose you a lot when you are actually ready to sell it :dont know:
If it's your dream car I'd keep it and enjoy using it with the added bonus that it's not going down in value whilst you're doing so.

It seems likely that the car would cost you £10k more to buy now than what you paid and the 'cost to change' to something else will have gone up by a similar amount so smile, knowing that you bought at the right time. :wink:
I guess it may just come down to one`s priorities, be that return on the investment against the enjoyment of Porsche ownership...?

From that which you type it seems if the latter, it could be difficult to find a replacement if you sell, given the dealerships appear to be short of stock...?

Good luck in your choices.
Just look @ your car list, top place : Finally ....991 GTS - dream car
Id not get excited about offers of more than than what was paid for car.

You'd not realise that gain unless you didn't buy anything else. The cost to change cars for anyone is now more than it was.

Pendragon group reported record 1H profits recently, it's working for them obviously...
Reverse the tables. Tell them that they can buy it but they have to buy several other cars you have in the back parking lot and a rebadged Audi 4x4 in order to qualify and you would like the exclusive option to buy it back at a figure you make up at the time.......

Alternatively just ask for 20k more than it's worth as they will offer 20k less than it's worth if you ask about a trade-in after the current pricing blip subsides.
Why sell it?? I mean why would you? It's your dream car/pride and joy.
Anyway, the sellers remorse would kill you.
Parsley said:
Why sell it?? I mean why would you? It's your dream car/pride and joy.
Anyway, the sellers remorse would kill you.

Don't do it - sellers remorse is not fun :x

Don't ask me how I know :sad:
Hi I am new to the forum but I will try and give my pennies worth. Official Porsche Dealers will always give you more firstly. So I would not look at independents. Period...

If you are intent on doing the deal start calling around. Check the franchises and make sure you speak to the buyers at the Group that represent the Porsche dealership. For example check Sytner, Dick Lovett buyers they offer stronger solutions currently. My guess Porsche Retail will be weaker and Jardine weaker still.

You have it favourably leaning in your favour. Based on its variation being a GTS. Is it the Gen 1 N/A engine?. Theres few of them low on the mileage in dealerships. The Gen 2 currently more.

Values and attitudes also in the past few years have changed. Price wise things have changed as you can see. Sincerely my thoughts would be for you to walk away and bin the price profit. You have a car that will not loose from its current price point. Well that is my opinion of course. I believe you bought well with a GTS and it happens to be the type that was bought with good research probably and deliberation.

Besides where can you go from there?...unless you can ascend even higher?.
As others have said, I'd probably keep it unless you're happy to sell it and sit it out for a while before buying another toy.

Although I keep thinking of a change and wouldn't have the patience to wait.

Tough one. Either way you're in a decent position. :thumb:
OPC will add 8-10k on what they pay you, simple one. Personally id bail 100%. With everything that's brewing there's a big old correction coming, and great time to sell with winter coming anyway (presuming its not a daily) Buy again next spring at corrected prices :lol:
Had contact about selling mine too. It's low miles 991.1 and certainly won't be going anywhere if it's replacement has to be a 3.0 turbo motor and have touch screen PCM. 997.2 & 991.1 are peak 911 models IMO.

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