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Detailed New Cayman S with Gtehchniq EXO


31 Aug 2009
This is my bosses brand new Porsche Cayman S, only picked up the night before being detailed. After a quick blast down some country lanes we set to work. Took around 8 hours in total, the main purpose being to protect the paint / wheels / interior and the inner arches / suspension components!

The spec of the car is immense, and goes like stink, the new shape Cayman is stunning. Anyway onto the detail; products used:

Gtechniq L1
Gtechniq I1
Gtechniq G wash
Gtechniq T1
Auto finesse Spritz
Auto finesse Rejuvinate
Valet Pro Advanced snow foam
Meguiars APC
Meguiars Last Touch
Gtechniq EXO
Meguiars NXT metal polish
Bilt Hamber Medium Clay
Bilt Hamber Dynax UC

Cquartz mitt
3M Yellow Pads
3M Blue Pads
Selection of Envy detailing brushes
Uber drying towels
Microfibre madness summit towels
Poorboys DMT towels
I4D microfibre applicators
Pair of DAS pro DA Polishers
Home made sun gun
Infa red temperature gauge

Porsche Chester hadn't inflicted anything too nasty, the car was swirl free with just a few very light blemishes and the remains of some stubborn transport wax.

Car upon arrival

The car was snow foamed with the nooks and crannies attended to with various detailing brushes before rinsing. Then we washed as normal with 2 buckets, G-wash and a Cquartz mitt

Next the cayman was clayed with bilt hamber clay. Wasnt sure if this was going to be needed but did pull some dirt on the lower panels. The porsche was then foamed again, rinsed and dried with uber towels

We didnt clean the wheels at this stage as they were coming off to be properly sealed. Next we pulled the porsche inside to be cleansed with AF Rejuvinate

Came up really well, before being wiped down with IPA @ 10% dillution and snow foamed again and dried off once more

We now pulled the car back into the garage to be EXO'd. Seriously impressed with this! Gave the full car 2 coats 30 mins between including all glass and plastics. The surface temp of the panels was on average 23 degrees, perfect conditions for the EXO.

The wheels were removed and cleaned / cleansed then EXO'd inside and out

Whilst the wheels were off Bilt Hamber Dynax UC was used to protect all of the metal suspension components and inner arches, EXO was used on the calipers & arch liners etc (Hubs to be painted at a later date)

Exhaust polished up with NXT

All carpets treated with Gtechniq I1, leather with L1

A couple of finished pics

Stunning car, think my boss was pleased with it!
You have done a fantastic job.
I've not experimented with Gtechniq products before, how do they compare with other makes?
Welcome btw :thumb:
Wow - congratulations on a truly spectacular job. I have an almost identical spec Cayman S in the same colour. I am genuinely interested to know which of these products and techniques you would consider essential? I had the paintwork of mine sealed by Porsche and their advice was simply to wash, dry with terry towel and only use a very thin layer of wax if I really wanted to. Is the wheel sealant permanent, or does it need re-applying regularly? Also, did you think the clay was really necessary? Very interested in your thoughts
Beautiful! I must confess to not liking the shape of the Cayman when new... was 'just' a Boxster with a hard top; a hybrid design. But this generation is a real looker and a handsome car in its own right. Sweet.

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