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Design 90s as track wheels

Jamie Summers

Sao Paulo
29 Oct 2002

Does anyone know if 7 and 8 X 16" Design 90s from a 964 have the correct offset to work as track wheels on my '89 3.2 ? I'm after a cheap set of wheels for track days and these are about the cheapest second hand OE wheels available. Or does anyone have any clever ideas ? (must be 7 and 8 X 16")


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I have no facts or figures to hand but seem to remember that 3.2's and 964's require different offset. I wonder if John Miles' 964 website covers this - probably worth a trawl.

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You could use spacers to correct the offset. I beleive the Design 90's are from the 944? Won't the boxster wheels fit, there are lots of them available for 100 a wheel with tyres on.



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I can get a set of 4 Design 90s for £60 !!!!!! They were standard on the early 964s and lots of 944s. Admitedly having to use spacers may not be such a good idea for track use and may also negate the saving of going for cheap wheels in the first place !


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Okay didn't realise they were used on the 964. Spacers are relatively cheap. Jasmine do them for good prices.

What you going to do about tyres? Did you see the company in 911 & Porsche World which do remoulds for track day use, they are super sticky? Aparently a rear for a 964RS was about £65

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Those were the tyres I was thinking of, Colway Traxtar, £38 for the fronts and £43 for the rears in my size - absolute bargain. If I can fit the Design 90s I'd be looking at £225 for 4 wheels and tyres - can't be bad !!!! I'll try and get something sorted for the 6th !


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Those tyres are incredibly cheap. Unfortunetly they don't make them large enough for my car, so you can buy a whole set of tyres to my one pirelli Corsa :-( .

Had some good news yesterday though, my RS is completed next Wednesday (4th) so it will be definetly here for Bedford. Unfortunetly I will not of had chance to run it in, but sure we can have a go at a DB7 'Max Power' :))))


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Good news mate, I can't wait to see it !! I've put a few feelers out looking for cheap track wheels, so we'll see what comes up.


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What edition of 911 and Porsche World were these 'super sticky ' tyres advertised in.

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I've got a set of design 90's kicking around at home, off my old 964. the front tyres do not match! but the rears are matching conti's with about 6mm tread on, the alloys have the usual kerb rash.

I am in NLondon, if you wanty to come and have a look, make me a reasonable offer as they are taking up space!

PM me if interested.

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Looks like the Design 90s are a 'no go'. i spoke to Brian at Jasmine Porschalink and he says they can be made to fit but only with 35mm spacers - costing £200 ! So any saving on the cheap wheels in negated by the cost of the spacers and the extra weight penalty. It seems that in 16" your options are pretty limited for a 3.2. It looks like I'm going to have to save my pennies for another set of Fuchs !!!!! Anyone got a spare set they want to get rid of ?

Bones, can't remember the issue number but the tyres are called Colway Traxtar (strangely Colway don't advertise them on their website, but if you click through to the Direct Tyres link they are advertised for sale - they are amazingly cheap !)


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what no 18's :evil:

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