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Der Anlasser Ist Kaputt!


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30 Jul 2009
Just had this very issue present itself over the last few drives, so am booking her in with Byfleet for a new starter motor or starter motor repair, depending on what's required.

The video below is exactly how my car sounds when it fails to start. The metal on metal click sounds a bit scary, but the general consensus on RL is that it's classic starter motor failure. I'm just about to turn 54,000, the car in the video is at 73,000, but they are both 1996 cars.


Mine is getting slow to start when hot, get them to check the earth strap and they also make starting harder when hot.
Will mention it to them cheers Ollster. It's not slow to start though, it turns over as normal, then stops abruptly with that loud click. 17 years for a starter motor isn't bad overall I guess.
Just spoke to Tim at Byfleet, the factory fitted starter motor is made by Bosch.

The Porsche Bosch replacement, in a Porsche box is c£700.
The Bosch replacement, in a Bosch box is c£300.

Will be going for the Bosch one. :thumb:
Garth S on RL made an interesting contribution to the thread and I'm inclined to agree with his summary:

"That a starter motor turns over when the key is twisted to 'start' is not an assurance that the engine is turned over fast enough to start - or even turned over at all: the sprague clutch drive must move into the ring gear - and have its 'one-way' function mechanically sound to adequately transfer enough torque to spin the engine without slippage.
As the drive wears, the one way slippage becomes two way = loss of starting torque + unpleasant noises .... generally first noticed when the drive gear is heat soaked.
This wear is often progressive, and is evidenced (obviously) by repeated attempts to start a hot engine and unpleasant noises: let the car cool down, and it will start like new. The starter is dying, and was kind enough to give notice.

At least, in my book, that's how a starter may 'apparently' turn an engine over and fail to start."

Hi Sam,

Hope you're well? Pretty sure I know what this is!

Look at page 3 & the video cambjones posted for me;


Ben also suffered the same issue, discussed it with me & also took his to Autostrasse;


I got lots of advice as you'll read, but changing the starter motor has resolved the issue. As I understand they're all exchange units, I was charged £180 + an hours labour to fit, been perfect since. When cold it would always start on the button, only when hot. I agree with the RL post too, least this is pretty much what was explained to me, the heat means it doesn't fully extract the pin.

Cheers Gav, interestingly in that vid it doesn't sound like yours has the click that mine and the RL one has?

I think I'll go with the Byfleet option as getting to Stanstead will be a pig for me, esp without a courtesy car. Will see what they can do on the price.
From memory you got a kind of high pitched shriel which was very off putting!

Don't worry I wasnt suggesting you come up this way, Ben was flying out of Stansted so left it with them for a while & Autostrasse (01376 562922) are even further the other way! You might want to call them to check what the starter motor is. I took mine to a PCGB Coupe day at the local OPC when I had the issue and they quoted a starter motor, two prices with/without the exchange, so seemingly even at OPC's they're not 'new'.
Yep , mine went at around 50,000 miles too ..
My indie reckoned it'll be a failure we'll all need to sort sooner or later due to the motors position , right in the wake of the air that's gotten blown thru the cylinder heads .. Starter motors HATE continual heat soak.

I wonder if the earlier starter motor failures (like mine) were due to cars that sat in traffic for the first few years of their lives?
Yup the heat factor is the big problem......and I had a further problem of having two in succession being fitted that were faulty but luckily both died on me within the years' warranty period so were replaced FOC.

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