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Defecting to a BMW....nah!


26 Jan 2003
Had a test drive in an M3 cab today as I've started to feel the urge to change car - certainly won't be giving up the 993 for one of those. Reminded me of how good the 993 still is when I jumped back in and heard that flat six roar, maybe the M3 is a better all rounder but it don't make the noises or feel nearly as planted as the 993 does.

Thats the 996 and the M3 ruled out as replacements - what else is there?


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TVR T350

Boxster S

Audi S4

Ferrari 355

Just to name a few.

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Sean Dudding on 12 May 2004

TVR T350

Boxster S

Audi S4

Ferrari 355

Just to name a few.

The 355 is very nice. You can get a good one for 50k.

996 GT3 mk1? Depends on your budget really.

964 turbo 2/3.6

993 turbo

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What features are you loking for in a car, Dunc? Sounds like you want more of an all rounder, with the same planted feel and noises - am I on the right track? what else is important?


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Plenty of interesting cars available but mostly over budget unfortunately. Have been looking for something a bit more practical but which still has performance and good sounds. Ideally would be around low £30k - haven't seen any S4s around this price yet but will probably arrange a test drive in one anyway to see what its like.

Given a larger budget there are certainly 996s which appeal, its just that i don't think its worth going from the 993 to an early 996.

Reality is that I'll probably hang onto the 993, just a case of itchy feet for change that will pass!

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On the practical vs. performance front you rightly point out the S4, but don't forget the older RS2 - can be had in decent nick for c. £15K especially if you don't mind LHD (and you shouldn't mind !) and this would leave you with enough to get a decent 3.2 / 964 as well !


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Stick with the 993, still the best Porsche they ever built!!

Audi/BMW, these car were orginally designed/built as a family car and only after sticking some big wheel, fat engine and upgrade suspension and now you got a faster family car, but they weren't built as SPORT car from concept.

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Hear what you're saying Josh, probably will end up keeping the car - definately no bad thing, I still really enjoy it, just had it a while now so started thinking about what else is around.

Jamie, like your style! couldn't live with two cars though, never thought about an RS4 until now - anyone know what they're like? Also always fancied an M5 but its too big for the garage!

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RS4 - awesome in a straight line - quick as any Porsche, but won't keep up round the twisties ! Eats tyres and petrol, buy my god they're fast !


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