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Decision time


23 Feb 2008
Hi all,

I have been Porscheless for a year now and this month have a very old Insurance paying out that should see me into a nice car. I went up to JZM a few weeks ago to look at their cars. I went with a view to either getting into a 996T or a later 997C2S. They have a couple of very nice 993 turbos and my wife said of all the cars she liked them....

So I loved the 996T but wasn't mad keen on the dash. The 997 was very good but I wasn't mad keen on the back end. The Gen 2 is at the top of my budget and they told me manual gen 2's are not easy to sell?

Now I'm looking at 993's. I don't want a Turbo as they are a bit too expensive. I live just outside Oxford and see on Pistonheads theres a C2 manual for sale with a company called aporscha. Anyone got any feedback on them?

Cheers, Simon.

This is Gordon Attar's trading name. I've received a very mixed bag with them (him) over some issues with mine. The prices are a little lower than others but probably best to go in treating it as if you are buying privately and will have to sort out issues on your own.
Anyone telling you manual gen 2's don't sell is either talking via their hat, late taking their meds or looking to sell an auto.
Thanks for the replies. Highway I agree with what you're saying, JZM said that PDK were easier to sell in Gen 2 form....

The car in question is keenly priced (I think) but will need some cup2's as it's on 16" wheels. I will go and see it but will bear in mind suspension upgrade costs etc...

I'll let you know how i got on
therealsally said:
...theres a C2 manual for sale with a company called aporscha.

Don't know the company, but the front panel gap is a little out - probably just the front PU been taken off for a respray, but have a good look.

Nice that it has early sports seats (the best IMO) and a computer.

Rear WASH wipe? I don't think so :grin:
Looks an original car. Agree the front PU has probably been off for repaint or attention to cooler/condensor and the rubber seal has sunk back into the gap.

As we all know this rubber is a PITA to position correctly. :roll:
So I went to see this car today and i really am in a dilema. It drove well and I liked the interior colour (dark grey, dove). It has aircon that works and I like the exterior colour which is polar I think (slightly bluey hue).

My main concerns are that there isn't a single panel that hasn't seen new paint. The wings were a different shade and the sunroof was a different shade to the roof. The panel gaps on both wings weren't great, all in all I could see myself painting it all to get it to where I would be properly happy....

He has every MOT from new bar one and the car has done 71k in 2004 and my second concern is it has only done 2k in the last 7 years which is the opposite to my 964 which had covered 20k in the last 2 and was faultless..

The wheels are only 16" and would need to be replaced costing about 1k.

So what do you think, what is reasonable to expect from a car that is nearly 20 years old, sub 100k miles and priced at £23500.

I appreciate I would need to get the car inspected but wanted to get some feedback first....

Ouch - every panel a different colour?

What prompted the painting?

Personally I'd walk away. Polar is very difficult to match, but that one sounds ermmmmm non-ideal.

ps wheels wouldn't cost 1k (or are you including new tyres?), unless you wanted newly refurbished hollowspokes.
The car was a London car and I would guess lived on the street. I looked behind the carpets in the front and couldn't see any signs of accident damage.

The screen was not rusty, all in all the outside was scruffy but not terrible. Overspray on the rubbers round the headlight etc. My main issue is if I let my OCD go mad on it I could spend another 3k at least which puts me in a different buying territory now..

I forgot to look at the service history, he showed me the bills folder and it was done last year at JZM, Chelsea carrera before that. I am sure the service history over the 7 years will be patchy but I didn't ask to look at it.

Anybody know the car for sale at Abbey Automotive, Cheshire?

Polar silver is not easy to match as my 964 record shows. However there are very good painters out there that can get it close to spot on and this car hasn't seen one of them :dont know:

I got away with all panels sprayed bar the roof scuttle and rear lid and it is a very good job but unless its done in one go I suspect difficult to do. This car sounds like its been done piecemeal.

Personally I would not be able to live with it and end having the work done but not buying for the price they want. You'll be looking at £2k - £3k.

Car is not far from me and just noticed its 'on sale'

ETA. I am sure I know the VRM from somewhere :?: having seen the pics the front fogs look to have been cleaned out/renewed and I suspect it has been well kept mechanically but just let down by the problems of on street parking in London :nooo:

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