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Decembers Evo

Sean Dudding

Well-known member
26 Jun 2003
Any one see the latest Evo magazine, they have the 1st test drive of the GT3 RS..

Aparently the owner (a friend of the magazine), collected his car and took it straight to the track for them to try, it had 72 miles on the clock....

The closing line :- "If you're one of the 98 other jammy so-and-so's with your name inked into the UK RS order book, I hate you already".

Cool, can't wait, not sure about the blue though.

Sean GT3

GT3 RS Due in Feb

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I've got a subscription Sean, so maybe it's on the doormat when I get home. 'Hate' seems a rather strong word, but then again he's driven it and I haven't!

BTW, guessing by the 72 miles on the clock, I take it that the GT3/RS doesn't need to go through the 3000kms of recommeded sub-5000pm 'run-in' that us regular 911 drivers have to bear.

Just my opinion, but I prefer the blue. I'd take either in a heartbeat, but I prefer the blue.

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The GT3 manual is a little vague when it comes to running in. In The US there is definite, keep rpm below X until Y miles. Buy in the UK, its basically says, give the car a couple of hundred miles for the brakes and tyres to run in.

In the EVo review they did keep the car below 7000RPM, Redline is at 8200RPM.



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So now it's a 100 in the UK? Thought it was less than that. The mag is good I have a subscription also.

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It was indeed on the doormat when I got in - cool! I shall inwardly digest this evening.

I particularly like Evo because they specifically list list the Carrera 4S as the best coupe/GT currently on the market!

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I agree the 996 C4S is a fantastic car, I had one for a year before the GT3....So what you going to move to next? I know a nice GT3 that will be available soon.

Sean GT3

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Sean it has to be red.
Red. Red. Red.
Okay. Is that clear?

Its the business and the Evo mags pretty good too.

O :D

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