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Damo's 996 c2 rust bucket project

with the PCCB's now fitted up and the 996 all built up its was really looking like a 911 again and just needed a bit of paint so off to a local body shop. now I'm not going to state the name here as it ended up being a right fath and I would not recommend them. It took over 3 months longer than stated when booking in to get it painted but once I finally got it back it was looking decent.

Before paint at slide motorsport





Roof was painted due to rust forming from a bad stone chip on the edge of the wind screen.


Now as I stated it was a fath with paint, took months longer than it should, he never picked up the phone and I ended up driving to the unit in order to chase but the guy, But he did refab my head lights free of charge as an apology which defiantly was appreciated but ignoring clients when your running behind instead of just stating the truth is terrible.



Back at slide to finish off putting the side skirt on, alignment and get ready for the long drive to 24hr Leman.

In the prep for leman I did a few last minute bits

Alcantara steering wheel with my savannah beige air bag did not look right to me


Amazon prime at its finest



painted bag.jpeg

And refitted

Next up was 997 manual seats and I found some interesting wiring under the old seats. Plenty of people have changed seats so will skip all the steaps. its a very easy job and I used the 997 seat buckle no need to change at all.

wiring understeat.jpeg

I really wanted 997 sports seats but was unable to find any in the right colour so settled on the basics. These are so much better, I feal that i am sat in them rather then on them.

not tempted to reduce the beige and add black seats ?
not tempted to reduce the beige and add black seats ?
I would rather keep the seats and fit other black parts like the centre section I have changed tbh. My Dash has broken parts so I'm likely to change that to black in the future as its easer to get hold of but I see so many have black seats or black seats with different inserts that I would like something different.
Did you notice a headroom improvement with the 997 seats?
I'd be half tempted to do the conversion but hate losing the memory function (plus, a sill panel without memory buttons is like 500€).
Did you notice a headroom improvement with the 997 seats?
I'd be half tempted to do the conversion but hate losing the memory function (plus, a sill panel without memory buttons is like 500€).
Its not a massive amount of extra space but at a guess an 1/2 an inch to an inch at the most. I'm just under 6foot and have no issues sat with a helmet on. you do need to push the seat all the way back and down before folding them forward or it hits the seat hits the roof which can be a pain. My kids can get in and out fine tho.
So this thread is now just about upto date all tho its a light touch.

The Feal 441+ with swift springs of 5kg and 10kg are too firm for my liking on uk roads and so have been swopped out for Faulkners race spings in 200lb and 450lb which is approx 3.5kg/7.9kg and this is much better.

I have made a to do list for this years work.

Front subframe mount area rusting (booked in with slide motorsport next week)
MOT Including investigating a front left knock only on 1st set off ???
Check if spare wheel fits over PCCB's
Fit new rear Pads
Fit correct turbo/c4s front air ducts to match the bumper (On order)
Fit centre rad ducting (I have the gt2 air duct in stock and cut front bumper)
Fuel smell in cabin to investigate. Could be fuel filler cap to pipe seal (On order)
Fit new alloys with 235/40/18 & 275/35/18 PS5 tyres. I have a set of OZ Racing Alleggerita HLT 18x8.5 et40 and 18x10 et40 to fit.
To go with the alloys if I need extra camber to make them work i have a set of GT3 lower arms with shims.

Lastly Fit the CanCheck MDF28 display and wire in the ECU Master EGT, TPMS canbus and additional water / oil temp sensors to go with it.

I've 3rd printed a mount in ABS for the display to go on the steering column cover Infront of the dash. should be cool and handy information which can be data logged. Got the idea for extra sensors and EGT from Mister corn epic build here https://911uk.com/threads/2001-c4-project-car.97291/
Loving this thread.... may i ask what alloys are on her currently...?

Thanks, Those are stock 991 19 inch alloys with 235/35/19 and 285/30/19 tyres. will be putting up for sale in a week or so. just waiting on the new tyres to arrive.
New front splitter has arrived from Joe Toth composites in Canada. It’s a nice bit of work. Will fit when the bumper comes off to fit the new air ducts.


Sneak peak at the gt3 coffin arms


And lastly the OZ alloys


Very strong fitment 🤣

The rust removal continues. My 996 is back at at Slide motorsport in the refab department.


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Its at Slide motorsport in the refab department. going to cut it all out and fabricate new metal to weld in. As I get the picture from them will post it up. Same company that did the rear 1/4 panel
You have done an absolutely fantastic job of saving this, one thing though. If you have a quiet hour or so, don’t add up the cost of all of the invoices 🙈

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