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damn damn damn Part 2...


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26 Mar 2003
Following my self scrubbed alloy...

I've just noticed this morning that someone has driven into my rear bumper!! and left me a line of marks and scratches.

Must have happened yesterday in the car park at the station.

I can probably get some of them out, but not sure what's best to use, someone at work suggests 'mer', anyone used it or recommend something else??

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Hi JimJam, I've used 3M Finesse-It II Finishing Material for years. It's brilliant for clearing minor scratches. You'll find details of the product at cms.3m.com

Otherwise you could try Meguiars X-scratch.

Hope this helps

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Llem-Klay bar from Zymol?

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can't find anywhere to buy the 3M stuff, any pointers?

I'll go have a look for the Zymol jobby now

Thanks again

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Seems to be in a Lehm-Kaly Painttwork kit for £70...

and only available to professionals :(
link to outlets not working on the Zymol site, have to try it tomorrow

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Jim Jam,

what is the extent of the damage, is it just a layer of paint that has beed laid down on top of yours or has the bumper been scratched, if it is the former I would use either t-cut or the Llem-Klay, if the latter I would use T-cut with a 2000 wet and dry paper, followed by a good polish with whatever you use. Try ringing the Zymol people they are quite helpful, they used to sell the Llem-klay in small quantities and as such I have a small lump, you are welcome to try mine. I live in N.London.

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There's no paint, the scratches have polished out with some Zymol (can't remember the type, but it was in Hellfords) and I'm just left with a line of small indents and rises where the impact must have happened.

If I t cut it do I risk taking off the top shiny coat?

Thanks for the offer of a try with the llem klay, whereabouts in N. London are you? I used to live that side of London, but now live down in West Sussex.


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