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customer service

Peter B

18 Aug 2003
I have purchased from and had my 911 serviced at P&P. They were recommended to me by another highly experienced 911 owner and I have found their service spot-on....which is more than can be said about some other OPCs judging by the comments in this forum! I travel about 70 miles to Kendal.

It would be interesting to know if the car that you have purchased is covered by the Porsche Warranty as I understood that to qualify then ALL the services had to be done by an OPC. I have an ongoing dispute over another "related" matter with another OPC which concerns the frequency of service, in particular when is a car deemed to be serviced in accordance with a schedule, when the time frame has been stretched to the point that an annual service is done after 18 months and something like 18k miles. I would have thought from a layman's point of view 12 months or 12k is simple enough....but not when you query it!

I wouldn't be surprised to see an LLB Certificate up there on the wall next to the factory diplomas...

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Joe, if your car is covered by a Porsche Warranty you should receive a letter from Porsche along with a booklet and credit card sized emergency ID pass.


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This is something I know a fair bit about, I brought my wifes Boxster from new, and wanted it to be serviced by my excellent independent specialist. I asked Porsche Cars GB direct.. and apparently, under a new EEC law (antitrust type thing) there is something called Block exemption, which means that your Porsche does not have to be serviced by Porsche main dealers for your warranty to still stand, as long as the servicing has been under taken to the letter and original parts are used.

The bit about original parts was confusing, but it turns out that means that even the parts do not have to be in Porsche boxes, or brought from Porsche, but have to be either from Porsche or from the companies who supply the parts to Porsche.. which is a bit confusing (to find out who these companies are) but most specialists know what to use... My Boxster had its engine replaced under warranty, following 2 years of being serviced from new by my specialist (www.9xx.co.uk) at first the local stealership did not want to know, until I mentioned "Block exemption" and then suddenly their attitude changed!



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