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Current OPC Rates


New member
30 Sep 2018
my neighbour has a roughly 10 year old 991S, 11,300 miles.
He's not very well, has put it into London dealer for minor service and some work (known brake/psm problem)and been quoted £4k with labour about £360 ph.
I don't have full work required but this seems crazy?
We were thinking of replacing our 997 or Macan but tbh these labour rates are putting us off...
Any clues on current labour rates at OPC?
I've advised him to go indy on a car of that age but he's always gone OPC over 30+ years and many Porsches...
Not sure what the hourly rates are, but if he's able to get the car to Surrey, then Brooklands OPC Service Centre will most likely be quite a bit cheaper. Also worth trying Porsche High Wycombe. I believe almost all of the other OPC's in or around London are part of Porsche Retail Group.
£360 PH is beyond a joke. Anyone paying that has far too much money vs. brain cells.
£360 PH is beyond a joke. Anyone paying that has far too much money vs. brain cells.
As I said he's not very well and the OPC is the easy route for him to get his car serviced. I use an independent in Scotland, half the cost for my major Macan services.
I'm sure there's a very trusted mechanic well within the distance of what the OPC is. Once a car is over 10 years old, it wouldn't bother me that any work wasn't carried out by an OPC. A quick search on here will bring up a few local Indys to his location that are much less and have better reputations.
I totally agree Alex. I've suggested some but his choice...
After being screwed on my 997/2 a few years back it's not been serviced by OPC since...
At 3 year service check they suggested a new steering rack (<3,000 miles)
This has never raised its head again despite the car being 14 years old (12,000 miles) and having "free" service checks.
OPC = rip off...
I had my Macan serviced at OPC High Wycombe last week (and pleased with the service they provided). I don't know the exact hourly rate, but as an example, I was charged £110+ VAT for labour on a brake fluid change and £561 +VAT for a major service. Hope that helps!
My OPC in Aberdeen was going to charge me £1,200 plus for a major service on my 4 year old Macan in September 2022.
Porsche Independent in Stirling £630...
Went down the night before, stayed over at Premier Inn had a nice curry, visited the Castle the next morning, home that afternoon and still saved about £400 - absolute clowns.
I recently put it in for a recall, they carried out a "Free" service check. suggested some items that might need looking at in 6 months. Three days later I got a text asking if I wanted to book it in for the £2,700 works (it's done 11,500 miles).
Simple jobs can go to the moon very quickly at OPCs.

A few bits and pieces can easily hit three or four grand.

People ask me why I try to do all my own work on these expensive cars. This is why!

On older cars people often don't have three or four K to chuck in willy nilly, hence the rise of aftermarket specialists.

A full OPC history file does have some monetary value come resale, but for older cars and smaller purses, this may not be practical.
Checked today with Exeter as mine needs to go in for small job , it’s around 200 including VAT / hr.

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