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CTEK3.6 LEDs connected to 997


10 May 2013
I have connected a CTEK 3.6 to my 997 via the cigarette lighter for the trickle charge, a very easy and convenient solution for me.

I charged the battery once and after about 17 hours the green light came in to indicate fully charged.

I have not driven the car for a couple of weeks and when I checked the charger yesterday the half charged amber light was on which surprised me.

Does anyone know if when the electrics shut down on a 997 after it has been left for a while, if this would affect the charging through the cigarette lighter.

I disconnected last night and reconnected and back to green light tonight.

Any ideas or thoughts welcome.

My CTEK does this on my 993 too. I think it's because it's a battery conditioner so cycles the battery slightly to help it maintain its charge.

I had this same observation in the past ,

The CTEK is as 'Rottenbend points out is a Battery Conditioner not just a ' Charger' , his statement regarding cycling is correct but this is a function of the CTEK , its important that your CTEK carries this out to maintain the battery during its laid up period. If you were to sit and watch the LED cycle you would see it going from Green to Amber light cycles... the one you need to be wary of is if it goes to Red LED that indicates there is some sort of fault either with connection or the actual battery / cells condition. This has happened to me on occasion, for no obvious reason. A method i adopted then was to disconnect fully , start the car ( presuming the battery is actually good ) then stop and reconnect again.

Overall though , the CTEK is by far the best of all the ' Conditioners' on the market , i have 4 on my cars at present and they just do the business .

If all else fails as we all find at times ....and i had to do the same ...... RTFM !!

I use a CTEK connected via a " Comfort" lead connected to the battery terminals permanently, basically its a lead with a plug and the 3 LED's, it sits under the topedge of the bonnet meaning I can connect charger without unlocking car, if its on charge and showing all lights on charger lit to the green square icon and the plug is flasheing green, UNLOCK and it immediately goes flashing amber for a while!
It seems the 3 leds are so sensitive the slightest voltage drop sends it amber, I did query this initially and was told its ok, so don't worry if your unlocking car and then looking, ambers ok.

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