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Ctek charger cable & plug position options....

Space Cadet

20 Jan 2022
I don't use my car that much so if I haven't used it for a couple of weeks I connect the charger to it the night before

At present I have connected the short lead the charger comes with permanently to the battery terminals and left the plug in the battery compartment under the cover. My cover though is a bit of a faff to remove as one of the screws doesn't screw in or out properly so I have to spend a while slowly turning it while gently pulling up on the cover. Before too long the cover is going to break!

What I think would work is if I could route a longer charger cable (Ctek do a longer version) from the battery terminals into the frunk – is this possible please, are there any holes/grommets to let the cable through??

Or any other position suggestions??

I have this connecter. Takes 10 seconds to connect/disconnect. The bonnet shuts so the alarm is always on. Think it cost £6


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My CTEK short cable sits permanently on the terminals like yours, but I just leave the battery cover off as it's a faff to remove it as you say. Seems to be no harm leaving the car or driving it without the plastic cover in place, though mine is garaged.
I'm sure the short cable would be just about long enough to make it into the back of the frunk compartment though if you cut a small groove for it in the seal if you were that way inclined?
Thanks, looks like the same lead I have and its in the same position, unless its just for whatever reason that tad bit longer so as to reach under the edge of the cover. I was hoping to route a longer cable into the frunk...
Thanks 40Anni996, I missed your post before responding. I've done some digging and the standard cable is 40cm and the one cs_c4s has (which in hindsight I don't) is 50cm this extra 10cm must allow it to reach long enough to under the edge of the battery cover.

If I cant find a more permanent way of feeding a longer (seems the next longer cable is 2.5m!) through to the frunk luggage area then will just get the 50cm version and leave it poking out from under the cover.

The good point about the 50cm cable though is it has battery charge indicator lights on it showing theoretically when the battery actually needs charging. So would kill two birds with one stone....
There was a thread on here about running via the scuttle and hiding the plug. Splice in a new bit of cable, solder and heat shrink.
I have the shorter one too and just leave it on top of the cover, the bonnet lid doesn't crush it or anything.

However, I tend to use the ciggy lighter adapter more, just quicker than opening the bonnet.
I've made do for the moment and just poked the plug under the front edge of the battery cover. I'm either then go to get the slightly longer 50cm lead and leave it poking up under the cover at the side (like in the photo), or if I can find a route will get the much longer lead and feed it into the luggage area. There is actually a permanently mountable 'socket' available that I'm sure I could find a place for maybe on the side of the luggage area....
I have the extension cable that I run between the wing and the frunk seal. It connects up to the battery and the frunk can be closed / locked and the wire comes out of the gap at the corner of the frunk/pu/headlight.

steve r said:
I have the extension cable that I run between the wing and the frunk seal. It connects up to the battery and the frunk can be closed / locked and the wire comes out of the gap at the corner of the frunk/pu/headlight.
Yep, I do exactly same with all 3 of mine when they are parked up.
I've bought a Ctek 'Comfort Indicator Panel Adaptor" that I will find a place for on the side of the luggage compartment (possibly the plastic trim directly in front of you when you open the bonnet, think the Amp may be behind there) and then hopefully route the cable from this through to the battery. I can then plug the charger into the new Panel Adaptor!
You just buy the comfort indicator and an extension cable and do this - no special skills required. You just feed the extension in windscreen side of the bonnet and it all closes nicely


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So - fitted the "Comfort Indicator Panel Adaptor" (catchy name!!) yesterday, took perhaps an hour all in, may be less. As you will see form the photo I fitted it to the driver's side of the frunk and cut a small rectangle hole in the plastic side trim (the kit came with a template) I then ran the wires through a hole I made in a large sized and largely-unused grommet in the driver's-side 'bulkhead' (or whatever its called) through into the scuttle and then to the battery. The lead is 1.5m which was plenty to have lots of slack on both ends. The Indicator panel started flashing straightaway to tell me my battery was "ok" but could do with a charge at some point. All in all very pleased with the project and will now mean I can easily connect my charger which I will leave in the funk while charging and not have to faff around connecting to the old lead connected to the battery under the battery cover.


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Some might prefer to be able to reach it with the front closed, in case the battery goes flat.
Even before I fitted this I would just put the charger in the frunk and then close the bonnet (so that I could lock the car) with the power cord from the charger to the extension cable shut in the bonnet rubber seal. The cord is fairly thin and works fine in the 996 and has done previously on every car beforehand that I've had either under the bonnet or a door.

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