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Creak that speeds up when accelerating


New member
13 Jun 2020
I know what you are thinking…this is either a sticky calliper or the disc shield is warped. It’s neither unfortunately!

This is only when warm, and I mean only after 40 mins of driving today do I get the noise. It’s coming from the passenger rear side and speeds up when accelerating. when driving very slowly it sounds like a creaking noise And very annoying.

I’ve recently had all the coffin and control arms replaced, tie rods and upper track arms. It was driving very sweetly after a full geo but now we have this issue a few weeks later.

any ideas what it could be? Thanks!
It might sound bizarre but those symptoms resemble the noise that occurs when a chassis subframe spot weld has failed. The engine is supported by it and as speed increases the creak gets louder. When the engine gets hot can you play a tune by accelerating and then lifting?
How sure are you its from the rear ? Could it be coming from the top mounts at the front ? If these have also been replaced, then it counts these out.
My next check might be to check every nut and bolt is tight. Good luck I hope you find the issue.
Its almost certainly related to your parking brake - there is a small bracket where the tube feeds the cable to the inside of the drum within the brake disk, which can contact onto the disk... shaving 1-2mm off the edge with a dremel should cure

A good way to prove is to pull over. Put the handbrake on and rock the car gently forwards... drive and check... repeat, but this time rock the car gently backwards... One of these procedures should eliminate the noise. Forwards rock works on one side, backwards the other. The witness marks caused are extremally slight, so its hard to confirm from a direct physical inspection of the brake components themselves.

FYI the create rock forwards/back procedure before driving off will stop any pedestrians smirking at the noises your nice car is making(!)
Thanks all

its almost like something is catching and your speed up, exactly like the disc shield when bent would do, however when you go slowly it’s a distinct creak. Very strange and I’m struggling to pin it down. It’s definitely the rear (you can hear it)

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