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Covercraft Covers


14 Jan 2003
Well, I've just bought myself a new daily runabout as I've been putting too many miles on the 993 round the M25 to work (most of which is sitting in a jam! :( ), so the 993 will become a weekend toy. It will be spending most of its time in the garage so I'm looking for a cover to protect it from dust etc.

I see that Phil has got Covercraft advertising on the site, and I like the look of their multi-bond cover. Has anyone else got a cover? Has anyone used Covercraft before?

Recommendations / comments???

Cheers - James

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whats the runabout, another S2000 ;)

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James, I have one for my Exige, the fit and quality is superb, I'll be getting one for the 993 soon.

FYI 911uk is now an official distributor for Covercraft covers. I have material samples available, so please mail me your address if want me to send you some, and of course that goes for anyone else who's interested.

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It's another Honda........but it's not a S2K. I need something a little bit more practical with a bigger boot! :oops:
It's an Accord!

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Phil, can you also include a 'Flannel' sample as well please!


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I've had a covercraft for many years on my SC and even though it spent much of it's time outdoors it proved to be very durable . A squirrel decided to use it as nesting material and appropriated a 6" piece out of the roof for it's new family! Only use it in the garage as a dust cover in winter now .

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At the risk of being called a traitor... I got a cover from Specialised Car Covers. It's an indoor one though, yellow (matches the car) with a Porsche Crest on the bonnet.

Seems to fit well, and keeps the dust off.


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TRAITOR!!!!!!!! :D

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James, it better be a TYPE R or you might not be allowed back here ! :wink:
(damn fine cars by the way !)

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I'd better get my coat! :oops:
It's going to be our 3rd car, so I've opted for an Accord "Sport" (it's got white dials so it must be fast! :wink: ) which is only Group 9 Insurance!!

It'll be fine for those boring drives around the M25 to the office!

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