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Could a dodgy map stop the ecu giving error codes?

Graeme Shaw

1 Jul 2012
Hi all

As title really, could a bad map prevent the ecu giving error codes on durametrics?

Actually Yes.

Depending on what had been messed with. Some remaps remove certain sections of ecu programming to stop fault codes occurring after remapping.

This is normally by poor mapping outfits I must add.

I had an XF Jag in with running faults, but no fault codes. The chap told me it was remapped in Sheffield. I was certain the car had an egr fault but no codes at all.

I had another remap guy come and download the customers map and reflashed the ecm to stock using the Jag SDD. Took the car around the block. EML on within minutes and egr codes stored. Replaced the EGRs as required.

I informed the customer that the remapper had deleted the files for egr, afm and even emergency braking and had the car remapped by a reputable company.
The process, obviously.
The map, no.

But this true of any works.

I interpreted the question was about the actual fuelling map - ie standard vs enhanced.

If you changed your brake fluid from OEM to ATE Super Blue it wouldn't cause any problems. If, however, some clown used a crowbar on the pipework during bleeding, then that would cause a problem.
Old thread, but very easy to remove DTC error in lot of ECU.

So.. you drive down the road and it behave like stupid 'standalone' ECU with no ''check engine light'' function. This can also happen from incorrect checksum.

Beware of ignorance. The tuning scene is full of it.

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