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cost of a 993 remote control?

15 Jun 2003
I would be grateful if someone could give me an approximate price on a new 993 remote control unit.



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Hi Graham

My 993 [which is fitted with a CAT1 PA1000] only came with a single black remote key but no red master key [some previous owners are so absent-minded!]. If you have a red key, you can buy black remotes for around £70 and have them programmed to work with your existing alarm. If you don't, you have to get a new alarm board, red master and black remote from Porsche at a cost of around £400. You'll also have to allow around 1 hour of labour to fit the board and program the keys. I had to order the board etc and it's taken 2 months to arrive from the supplier but should finally be fitted tomorrow.

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Hi Graham,

I had the same problem and like Abdul I didn't have the red master key. I can confirm that if you haven't got the red master, you have to do what Abdul says. Fortunately, my local Porsche dealer (Lindbrook in Tonbridge, Kent) directed me to the original manufacturers (Hamilton & Palmer -
http://www.hamilton-palmer.co.uk/) who are based in Kemsing, near Sevenoaks in Kent. I drove my 993 to them and they supplied and fitted a new board, a new red master key and two new (smaller) black remote keys. All was done in an hour in their workshop whilst I waited and cost me less than £100 all inclusive.

So Graham, if you live in the South East I suggest you contact H&P direct.

Abdul - you might like to query the price your Porsche dealer is charging.
Even allowing for them having to use their own alarm fitters (I assume they're not in Kent), it shouldn't cost 4 times the amount!!!!!

Let me know if I can help further.



'97 993 C4

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i bought a pa100 control unit for around 25 quid from OPC east london - but i dont have the original red master box either :(
Do you guys have a PA 1000 or a PA 100 - i thought mine was a PA1000 but a call to Hamilton and palmer said it wasn't - the PA1000 has seperate open and close buttons mine just had one central button. it may be a PA100 as mine is a 95 993 - does it have the seperate immobiliser key?

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Toby: Richard and I do have the PA1000 [with the two button remote] - don't know about Graham. The PA1000 has an integrated immobiliser so there's no separate dashboard immobiliser key.

Richard: thanks for the info - £100 fitted is a great price. I know the OPC ordered the board from H&P as they mentioned it in passing. I will ask them about pricing before fitting.

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Hi Toby,As Abdul states, mine's a PA1000 with two buttons and an integrated immobiliser.
A word of warning/advice regarding the red master key.
If you don't have it and your normal black remotes fail, then you are well and truly stuck! Without it, H&P confirmed that new black remotes cannot be programmed to suit your existing alarm system. Note that the red master key is not a spare remote - it is purely used to program black remotes to work with your alarm. So, if you're ever down to only one balack remote working, then I'd advise getting a new board put in whilst you can still drive the car.

Hi Abdul,Labour time shouldn't be more than 1 to 2 hours (max). The alarm unit's under the right hand seat and the board simply plugs inside the aluminium box. Presumably H&P have just sent the new board, 2 remotes and the red master to your OPC. As such, you should only pay for the labour and maybe a small uplift on the parts. A quick call to H&P to confirm the cost of the parts would mean you're fully armed. I just freaked when you said that £400 was mentioned. Good luck.



'97 993 C4

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Hi Richard

Local OPC fitted the board yesterday - took about two hours due to some problems programming the black remotes, but they only charged me 1 hour labour. Total cost was £250 after I argued about the parts cost etc. I now have two black remotes, 1 red master and lots of peace of mind.

BTW I also located a soft copy of the PA1000 alarm manual - I know many get lost. So if anyone needs a copy to learn about all the modes and warning light patterns, private message me with your e-mail address and I'll send it along [MS word format].

Finally, whilst waiting and drinking their coffee, drooled over a GT3 RS they had in - awesome machine with bare carbon fibre door mirrors and rear wing. Also noticed the front lid Porsche shield was only a sticker, rather than the enamel affair you normally get. Those Stuttgart boys are taking weight saving a little too far!

Happy new year all.

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Abdul - were you at Guildford OPC yesterday?

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No - I was at Dick Lovett in Swindon. Supposedly the RS is Mr Lovett's own car [and he's also got a Carrera GT coming] - lucky sod.

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Hi Abdul,

Glad you got it done and £250 is a lot better than £400!!! Nice to have the peace of mind too.



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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Abdul Guefor on 31 December 2003


No - I was at Dick Lovett in Swindon. Supposedly the RS is Mr Lovett's own car [and he's also got a Carrera GT coming] - lucky sod.
Wow he must Lovett having cars like that!

That was quite bad :oops:

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Thanks for all the replies. I have a one-key remote and I did not get a red key with the car.

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That is the PA100 system - yiu can get a new remote but will need it programmed which i think you cant do without the red key - i will call H&P on onday to find out about mine and will let you know how i get on.

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