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Coolant query


19 Apr 2021
Hi all,

I am now the proud owner of a lovely C2S as of 1 week ago. The PPI came up very clean but did mention that the coolant level in the expansion tank was a bit low when the car was cold (say 1cm below the min level). I know there is loads of coolant in the car and that this is just a tiny amount in comparison.

Looking at the outside of the tank it looked like it was the pink coolant so I went to ECP and got some more. However when I went to top it up it looked like the level was actually higher when cold than in the PPI photo.

I did mention this to the seller before bringing the car home. However when I went to top the coolant up a smidge I looked in to the tank and it looked orange. My theory is that the seller topped it up with a little coolant before I collected it and that 1-2cm of orange is sat on top of the pink coolant.

The car is driving totally fine probs it because it is such a small amount and maybe that as it is floating on the top it isn't actually circulating the system anyway.

So is this okay? It is a tiny amount out of the full amount of coolant? I do have a brand new large pipette/baster and could suck out the orange stuff from the expansion tank and top back up with pink?

Photos of the exterior view of the tank (I think you can see the layers) and the view of the inside below.


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I have no clue why one photo is showing upside down! It is the right way up on my phone!
You could syringe it out of the expansion tank for safe measure.
Thanks both, sounds like a plan! I'll let you know how I get on. :thumbs:
The coolant lvl is slightly low , as you have said its of no issue but the below images show the bar inside the tank with a ridge on it being the Max marker and your lvl on the other image .. below Max .

Antifreeze is Pink when neat .. it's a 50/50 mix with water so will be more orange when looking in the bottle .. yours looks perfectly normal .


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Thanks deMort, great advice as always.

So I used the baster(!) to suck out the top inch of fluid and replaced it with the same amount of ready mixed pink coolant. I'll take a quick look after the next run of the car to make sure I am still between the min and max.


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