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Coolant HELP, urgent advice needed


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19 Oct 2005
Hi all,

Driving my 996 earlier today i noticed the coolant light flashing indicating the level was low. I topped it up to the top with water and the later, when i got back home added hald a litre of Coolant which filled it to the brim.

When i got home i read in the users manual which infomred me there are correct levels to be kept between Min and Max which i didnt see in the dark. Mine is full to the top.

Also, apparently the mix of water and coolant has to be correct? Mine was just quess work and i really have no idea what percentage is water and what is coolant?

Can anyone tell me if this matters and what i should do?

I have previously owned a 993 so have never had to bother with this.

All imput appreciated as paniking that i may have to take it to a specialist tomorrow to get it rectified.

Many thanks,


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the water will expand when hot so it shouldn't be too full or you will end up blowing a hose, that said there might be a relief valve somewhere. In terms of the mix I think it is too inhibiy rust build up and too stop it freezing, I would take it in to an OPC just for peace of mind, is it still in warranty?

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Take it to an OPC or independant tomorow and have a pressure test done.

The system holds about 19 litres of fluid, and provided your heat gauge hadnt gone high, it would have been better to have driven home and put coolant in it.

I think (all though not sure) that the coolant is a mix of water and coolant anyway, I might be wrong.

Unless the car has overheated it is unlikley that you have done any further damage to the engine.

The worry is the coolant loss in the first place, could be a head gasket (very unlikley and very rare), is the engine puffing out white smoke?

Could be a pipe elswhere, anyhow get it checked tomorow.



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The worry is the coolant loss in the first place

Absolutely. Haven't 996s had problems with coolant loss, coolant reservoir, some gasket or other???

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I think the pre 2000 cars suffered a few well Documented problems with the heads.



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OK cheers guys,

I only bought it 4 days ago from a seemly decent dealer (although not an Official dealer) with FPSH and a recent major service at Porsche Silverstone, literally 100 miles ago.

It did come with a years warrently so whatever it should be covered and it seems to be driving fine so fingers crossed.

Surely if it had been significant they would have sorted it in the service????? Certainly no smoke thank god.

Its only done 31k with 2 owners so i its barley been used (i will put that on in 1-2 years).

Will a garage like Chelsea Carrera be able to look at it (my usual) or do you recommend an OPC?

Thanks again lads,


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Take it straight to your local OPC and get it checked, if you have purchased it within the last 7days you have a almost a cast iron case for a refund if there is a serious fault.

With regards the full service at OPC 100miles ago, I recentley purchased a 996 4S and had it serviced serviced straight away. I checked it before it went in, levels etc and found the coolant to be below min. I reasoned that they would check this in a 24k service.

2 days after the service my coolant light flashed, I was within a 1 mile of the OPC where they immiediately put 2 litres of coolant in the car. They had not checked the level, I would imagine that OPC silverstone failed to do this also. Please note that I am not sure if this is a service item, so may be they rely on the sensors.

With regards my level I have done 1000 miles since and it hasnt moved. I am not too worried because I have a full Porsche wtty with the car, however I am keeping a close eye on the level.

If you havent an OPC wtty get the pressure test done and check the car before it is too late, you will probably find that a wtty from an independant has a claims limit of £1000 so if your engine is bad you are looking at £10k!!

The only chance you have with an independant on a big claim is if it happens soon after you purchased the car, you can then return it for a full refund, 7days gives a very strong case and 30 days a good case.

I purchased a car from Autobahn (Birmingham) when the gearbox blew in the first 5 months of ownership the wtty was a waste of time. Cost me £5k to repair with a used box. The wtty only had a claim limit of £1k and if used would have meant buying a brand new gearbox which would have cost me £9k to repair and £1k in contrubution, pointless on a 120k 993.

So get straight down there tomorw, I would imagine that you have no problems but dont leave it to late!!!!.

Hope everything turns out OK,



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Thanks a lot for that mate.... i think.

I am now a little worried to say the least but fingers crossed it will be OK.

straight to AFN in Chiswick tomorrow then - great.

I never had a problem with my 993.



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Just adding to my own notes (yes, still worrying about it), the temp never really went over mid way so it wasnt overheating, and as soon as i filled it back up with water the red light went off and it drove fine.

Will let you all know how i get on.

Thanks very much for your contributions lads.



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Dont be too woried.

It is just better to be safe than sorry, at least you have time on your side whatever the outcome.

Make sure to post outcome either way.

Good luck,



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Hi all,

Thanks for the advice last night. I have spoken to 2 different machanics at two OPC's and both said the same thing. If the car has just been servcied (whihc it has, i checked again with them) then it would definitley have been checked for leaks.

They both advised not to panic at all, drive it for a few days and see if the light comes on again, which they doubt. If it does, then take it for a check.

If there is a leak its probably in the Head Tank which is about £180, plus labour. The guy that sold me the car (who to be fair seems like a nice chap and has been in the game for 29 years) said if thats the case, or anything at all, he will pay no problem. He urged me to drive it for a least a few days also.

So, thats what i will do, take it out a few times on usual journeys and see. If it comes on again its straight into Chelsea Carrera.



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Really pleased to hear it Dan, just keep an eye on it.

Tell me more about your car, colour, age, spec some pics maybe.



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Cheers mate, fingers crossed its OK, i think it should be..... The guy i bought it from seems very honest so.....

I just got it last week, its a T Plate C4 Cab (love my C4's Cabs), in dark metalic blue, grey leather, Triptronic. 31,000 on the clock so barley run in....... only 2 owners, UK car, FPSH and a full 48k service 200 miles ago.

Traded it in for my 993 C4 Cab with 88,000 on the clock, plus an extra £10k, so really good deal. Loved the 993 but always wanted a 996. I have been looking for about 3 months and its the first with the right miles that i got a trade in on. Wasnt sure about the Tip but i love it, love the paddles and perfect for London which is where i live.

The trader i bought it from, Tony Gilmore, has been trading cars for 29 year, has about 15 TVRs and 5 Porsches at his place and seemed like a really genuine guy. Met his wife, kids etc.

Just ordered by private plate - C4 DGO (Carrera 4 and my initials), should sit nice i recon. Maybe get some skirts and a sports exhaust.

Porcshe mad, my Mrs loves it and hates it....

Would have loved a C4S Cab, just too much right now. How long you had yours?

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This is my third 911, the first I had 3 years ago from Northway was a finance reposetion and was a 98 R C2 996 in Champagne, cost me £27k which was really cheap. I ran it for a year, put 20k miles on it and sold it for £26k.

The second I got from Autobahn, was a 993 Guards Red, 1994 C2, lovely looking car, kept it for a year, paid £21k for it, put 20k miles on this again and sold it to a dealer for £17k about 3 months ago.

This is my third a 2003 C4S in seal grey, with Sunroof, PCM, Computer, Bose, Black Leather, fab looking and sounds great, bought it locally for £44k, with only 14k miles on the clock. It has now got 16 months Porsche wtty left on it.

I am a bit worried re values currentley they appear to be in free fall.

I am also thinking of getting the sports exhaust and maybe a re-map for the ecu.

Private plate more difficult, I dont know what to get, I have a couple I could put on H11DSJ, and B20STN which says BOSTON (I hope anyway).



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