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Convertible roof cleaner/restorer


13 Oct 2012

Can anyone recommend any good convertible roof cleaners and restorers, mine isn't that bad condition but I would like it to look like new again. I have read a few things about renovo but can't find any posts on here. I don't want to risk ruining the roof.

On my previous car, a CLK I used renovo. I would recomend it with no reservations, it brought my top up like new and jet black.

For cleaning I found that the best way was just a scrubbing brush and a bit of soapy water, but not too much soap as it take a long time to rinse out.

After applying Renovo (or similar) you should also waterproof the top. Its not neccessary really to keep the water out but it does make it easier clean in future as it helps stop the dirt getting into the fabric.

One thing I will strongly recomend from my experience, mask off the car and glass with paper/sheets as both the Renovo and the waterproofers are a pain to remove from the paintwork and glass if you get small drops on there.
Thanks for the replys that's great, renovo sounds quite promising then. Was the restorer easy to apply without getting any streaks?
I will order that kit and put the proofer on as well tbh I thought the restorer was the proofer I didn't realise there was all 3 products.
I have tried renovo and Autoglyms twin-pack cleaner/reproofer.

I would recommend the Autoglym - one of their best remaining products.

As above, when you use the reproofer, get some old blankets, position them on the bodywork, then open the top so than it sits on the blankets (if you see what I mean)

Easy to source as well - twinpack is usually on the shelf at Halfords
Thanks mate, does the autoglym put the colour back in the roof though? Or does it just clean it then protect it?

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