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conversion from lhd

gavin lowe

19 Jul 2004
Hi Guys - Am collecting my first 911 tommorow.... a lhd 964 c2 tiptronic ....can't wait!! :)

Reason for the post is this...I may be going down under next year and all cars have to be right hand drive. If I was to take the car with me I'd have to have it converted. Anyone done this? Any idea of the cost and who can be recommended??


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probably easier(and cheaper) buying a RHD.................you could always try Charlie Heeley on here as he's wanting to swap a RHD for A LHD....but he'd be needing some cash on top too as his is a 993 C2S.and of course not sure if he's be wanting a 964 tip either

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Yep - that would be easier and cheaper - except that I have to find a channel islands registered car (or one that has been registered here once) to avoid a £3000+ registration fee here (yes, it really is that bad). It has taken ages to find the right condition car (it is gorgeous - it was the official press car/Ferry Porsches personal car) so if I can keep it I will. But it may not be practical. Also the value has to be below about £17,000 or it gets hammered in OZ with luxury car tax on top of customs and GST (and it becomes uneconomic), so a 993 (Charlies one looks good) is out.

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I don't understand this thing against lhd cars in oz. Do they not think that ozzies are intelligent enough to sit on the correct side of the car :?

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Err....don't answer that.

It used to be the case that you had to drive around with a huge sign on the back saying LEFT HAND DRIVE. Now they have dropped that (along with the pointy hat with a D on it for the classroom) but banned LHD unless the car is over 30 years old.

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............so would that include E-30 M3's then or Intergrale's???..........sure i've seen them over in Oz in mags/film/TV etc :?

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the new rules came into effect in Feb of this year :(

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supersport - i think you've answered your own question :wink:

on the other hand - its evidence of a nanny state if ever i saw it.

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Anyone been to Australia? They can't drive to save their lives! Would wipe out the tiny population they do have there if they were allowed LHD's! I was there for 4 and bit years and couldn't believe the number IDIOTS on the road. undertaking is a normal thing, stupid lanes, stupid road signs - CRAP roads! Pot holes in Sydney that could even swallow your little 911! No wonder they are the worlds number 1 SUV country!

I ruined 1 wheel when I was there because of pot holes.

BUT, apart from that, they are lovely people, the most beautiful country in the world and I can't wait to move back there!

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Yes the roads are appalling. I particularly like the bits where two lanes merge into one and the left lane drivers (who lose their lane) either have to brake hard or undertake at high speed...and the cost of European cars there is a shocker (would you pay £25-30k for a down-at-heel 964?)

But Sydney is fantastic, so here I come.

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