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richard a. harrison

New member
17 Mar 2004
I have been without a 911 for 2.5 years and the gnawing feeling is getting bad. I had a 964 C2 which I kept standard and loved for nearly 7 years but sold due to lack of use (babies etc). What I want now is a 993, preferably 4WD, and I was thinking about a Turbo. Now, I know this sounds ***** retentive, but I don't want a car with horrible fuel economy and (therefore) a crap range (my old 911 often returned 28-30mpg and I used to brim it near Harlow and drive all the way to Loch Ness without refuelling - 500 miles!!). I know these things can be enormously variable so how can I easily find out true range and economy figures? (not the EU official rubbish or manufacturer porkies). So if anyone would care to spill the beans about fuel tank size, economy and realistic range of 993 Turbo and 993 C4 (based on normal motoring in non modified cars in the prime of life) that would be hugely appreciated! Many thanks. Richard

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Can't help with the C4 but my C2 returns around 26-27mpg on long m/way runs (I tend to average about 75mph). Expect an mpg or two less with a C4, I'd imagine. Economy's down to driving style & speed with any car, though.

But then, if you care that much about economy, is a 911 the right car for you anyway...? (Serious comment).

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I have a pathological hatred of filling stations and I dislike breaking journeys to tank up. I would not buy a 996 since I found out that the UK-spec 996 has a much smaller fuel tank than the LHD model because of the steering wheel being moved over. My ideal car would have a 120 litre fuel tank, or bigger, but that might mean having nowhere to put suitcases (in a 911). I have had a few fun cars over the years, but the one I have kept for the last 14 has a range of 600 miles! It's a Golf GTi convertible, and it does impossibly good gas mileage allied to a (comparatively - for the class of car) big fuel tank. If the range is poor (e.g. Merc SLK - 230 miles if you are lucky!) then it's not a serious travel companion and not worth keeping long term. Besides, 911 ownership is all about not wasting money - low depreciation and all that.

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I've got a 1997 993 Turbo. I reckon on average it does 21-22mpg. I think it's got a 65-70 litre tank. I've not done any long steady motorway trips in it, but I've been told you can get the consumption up to 25mpg. I reckon your best range is going to be around 300 miles, maybe 350.


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