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Coming back to 911 and need some advice!


10 Jan 2013
Hi All,

I am currently driving a Cayenne Turbo and whilst it is an astonishing car I am really missing the please of driving a 911 (used to have a 996 C2).

So I am looking at my options and so far I have come down to 3 options and am a bit stuck!!

997 C2 Gen 1, manual with all the bits roughly £33K for a 07 ish
997 C2 Gen 2, manual with less bits around £41k ish
997 Turbo Gen 1 around £43 ish K

I know I will love any of the choices but I am drawn to the Gen 2 car because its newer and some of the issues with the Gen 1 are sorted, plus it looks like a nicer place to be internally.

I am drawn to the gen 1 C2S because its a great car and will do everything I need for £10K less!!

and then there is the turbo which I have always hankered after and cos its a turbo!!!

So any thoughts that might help me move forward would be greatly appreciated!!
I would take the Gen 2 C2 as it is the newest One. And there is space for (Turbo) improvement later. :D
For price, style and resale I'd go for the 997.1 Turbo.
Personally I would go Gen 1 Turbo out of the three same as everyone else :)
Nice choice of cars to have though.... Good luck!

If you can part with the extra £10k, then go Turbo.
997.1 Turbo.

It's the car you really want and, if you can afford the extra money to buy and run it, nothing else will give you what you're looking for.

It will almost certainly hold its value better too.
Thanks for all the responses chaps!

Seems like there is a lot of love for the Turbo.

I have spend a little time with the Turbo and was really impressed with its capabilities and straight line speed. If I am being honest I didnt really want a 4WD Porsche, the rear wheel drive felt like you could have more fun with it and felt like a better drivers car.

I think the main reason I want a Turbo is because its a Turbo and really really fast!

I think I may have more fun in a C2S..........
From your options list, seems like you want a manual and may be flexible on spec...... You could find yourself a good manual C2S Gen 2 for the Turbo money you highlighted.
I think I may have more fun in a C2S

I don't know about that.

Whilst the C2S is an exceptional car and I would never say it is not "fun" (I have one myself and I love it), the Turbo is breathtakingly good and arguably more fun than a C2S. The Turbo is a monster! @ 470 horse-power, it's a staggering 115 more than a C2S. A standard C2S has 355, which isn't exactly slow and won't struggle at a hill! 470 over 355; that's like bolting on an extra VW Golf TDI engine just for extra power.

Do you need it? Probably not. But that's the point. You buy a 911 not 'cause you need one, but because you really [really] want one. As stated earlier, if you can part with the extra dollars, go Turbo - which seems to be the general consensus on this thread.

What you need to decide is, if the extra "fun" element of the Turbo is worth the additional price difference of the C2S. Now that is what I call, a quality problem. :)
I am going to test drive a few 911 variants today as I am still not sure which way to go (997 C2S, C4S, Gen 1 or 2 or Turbo).

Should be a fun afternoon!
I bet the Turbo will be your number 1 choice. I'm speaking from very recent experience. As stated, if you can stretch to a Turbo that would be what most do. :) Enjoy the drives!

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