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Is colour important when buying a 911. Thr 3.0 carrera was lhd, so I did not fancy that. Next on the list is a copper metallic sc. 1979. What are everyones opinions on this colour. I like it, but my friends dont seem keen on it. But then they dont like guards red either. I was wondering whether or not it mattered.

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Only matters to you!

A slight point may be that it could be a little harder to shift come resale, but you should buy a car for you, not its next owner.

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Some colours do lessen the value. White 911s will be 10-20% less than say silver or black. Guards Red is also not popular at the moment. I would also say that the bronze/gold colours are also slow sellers and tend to be a few quid cheaper. But if you like a colour I say go for it.

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noony is far too sensible for his age!

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Almost 14 now. What are you gonna get me for my birthday?? :lol:

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Colour choice....

Its true, colour will make a difference to value, although the very very best cars (and the very worst) will still sell in almost any colour. As for the majority, yes, red and white may not be the choice especially on newer 911, but so many SC and 3.2 were in these colours that you may struggle to find anything else.

Most important is the condition, and what state the car is in under the paint. A crap 911 in your favourite colour wont make you happy. A beauty in a weird or unpopular colour is okay with me. Copper met is sort of period too. :wink:

Adrian Crawford. performance2and4.co.uk 911secrets.com

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