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Colin's new Turbo


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14 May 2003
Hi All,

Been lurking for a while, but thought I'd break cover with my new motor. Had it for almost 2 weeks now!

1997, Factory fitted power upgrade, carbon seats, black leather, and only 22,500 miles on the clock.

I think she's fantastic, but she doesn't have a name yet...

I've ordered the Zymol starter kit too after reading about it on here.

Will get some better pics when she's all waxed up :)




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Very, very nice! 993 Turbo is the daddy - what does the factory power upgrade give you?


PS I think it looks great in yellow - is that Speed Yellow? Looks a bit darker than Speed Yellow.

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The power upgrade puts it up to 430bhp.

It is Speed Yellow - I was told it was a special order on the Turbo at the time. It was a bit dull when I took the pictures.


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Like it Colin!

Saw a yellow 993t at the dealers in Edinburgh and became a convert to liking speed yellow. Don't think I could live with teh attention but it really suits the shape of the car when you see it in the flesh.

Nice one!


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Was it for sale or in for a service? It may have been this car, since I live in Edinburgh, as did the previous owner.

As for the attention, my previous car (not quite sold yet!) was a Subaru Impreza 22b, complete with gold wheels, flared arches, and a big wing, so I guess I'm used to it :)


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It was for sale by Glenvarigill - I was last in end of January and it was there for a month or two I think. Speed yellow with black leather, didn't take too close a look in case I got any ideas beyond my finances :)
lovely though.

Also just noticed that Glenvarigill have sneakily relocated to the south side of Edinburgh without telling me!! They're now even further away!


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Awesome Colin, the 993 turbo is a work of art! 430bhp should make naming her easy, 'rapid rachel', 'powerful pettra' or just 'the incredibly powerful speed yellow turbo' should do the trick! :)

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For a yellow, that's pretty special. Looks like you have a great car there, Colin, congratulations!

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Now that is a good looking car, and a cracking colour too, looks like Porsche stole the paint recipe from Ducati!


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Old forum user Unidentified(4262) wrote:

look after her Colin.that is one fantastic looking motor!how about another couple of pics on a clearer day? f.y.i - speed yellow is quite tricky to shoot,and may come out pale yellow on a too bright a day. 8)

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I think there is a map of ireland in my underpants :oops:

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