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Cold air induction kit?????


28 Oct 2010
Given I'm a poorper only having a C2 what are people's opinions on installing a CAI?
Are there any advantages/disadvantages?
More noise, less power. Depends on the kit though.

I'd do it, the noise alone is worth every penny :)
GT4, I must start paying you a wage! How about the same rates as the grease monkey's? :wink:
£38k PA was what the grease monkey who regassed my A/C was on.

So assuming I keep the same hours as now, yes :thumb:
:eek: £38k! F@@@ me!
That's not bad!!
I know, and I only spend about 16 hours a day on the forum :thumbs:
I've just checked out the Fabspeed instructions for this kit and there is no mention about removing the HHR :?:
No that bit is optional, and was an additional mod I did to my airbox, detailed in that thread.

I just thought I'd advise you that part of the 996 mod is not easily replicate-able on the 997.
Why makes it difficult, is it glued in?
Yes (plastic bonded)

The 996 versions are screwed in (as per pics in thread linky)
Hmmmm. Is it worthwhile taking it out?
Yes, but only IF you are happy to take a saw to it.

There isn't really any going back ...

If I don't take it out will I still get the sound difference?
Cheers for your help.
michelin said:
If I don't take it out will I still get the sound difference?
Cheers for your help.
I have the design911 with BMC panel in my 997.1 C2S. I did not remove the HHR just used the metal cap that came with the kit. Noise effect at about 4.5K to 6.5K revs is awesome. Even better if you have PSE on the car of course. No power gain :sad:

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