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Andrew Allsopp

New member
25 Mar 2006
Got a 996 (year 2002). Yesterday my clutch pedal stayed on the floor after starting the car (I always dip the clutch when starting) and then the clutch seemed to slip on anything over 3000 rpm.

Been informed by porsche nottingham the clutch is broken (bugga).

Car done 24000 miles, 12000 with me. Not been doing burnouts or racing from the lights (too many points on licence already).

Does 24000 miles seem right for a porker clutch to go or not ?

Been quoted £820 by the dealer to fix it, £380 for the parts, rest on labour at £116/hour. (Might become a mechanic myself and retire in 5 years).

Is it me or does anybody else think porsche have done a remarkable job with the marketing. A super car that you can drive every day and is reliable, but in reality might be as dodgy as a farrari ?

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I have also just had a clutch at the same milage on my c4s but mine needed a fly wheel also so ended up being 2K which is bad as i only purchased the car from bmth porsche 2 months ago and told them the clutch felt strange when i collected it but they just said it was normal

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The clutch and fly wheel are the norm on these having done extensive research, not included in the warrenty as wear and tear items. Depends on how the clutch is used and has been used. Some will go 40,000 miles , 60,000 miles very variable from posts I have read. My C4s has 33,000 and had all the discs and pads changed by the previous owner, (another area where replacments are common), 560 miles ago but no mention of the clutch change so I am anticipating this will be a potential outlay

I think you have to be pragmatic and accept with these cars as they are performance machines, parts will wear quicker than normal. It is a Porsche and believe me you cannot compare to the higher incidence of Ferarri unreliability.

Cheers Alan

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it could possibly be just the clutch slave cylinder

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Thanks for the feed-back guys.

Realise they are performance cars and guess I just fancied like going off on one (still love the car even if she does cost me)

Suprisingly Porsche Nottingham were more than happy to let me buy the clutch kit and get it fitted else where, do they know something I dont ?

Got a friend of mine doing the clutch this weekend (owns his own garage and is saving me a fortune on labour). Will post how it go's.

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Cost me £315 to get the clutch fitted and had my rear crank oil seal replaced as well(was leaking and this seems to be a common problem).

Fly wheel has been checked and its fine (whew !)

All told the whole clutch problem cost me £692.

Saved about £120 having my friend do the work and also hopefully have prevented any future failures with respect to changing the oil seal, will now attempt to go out and have good blast on the open road (who am I kidding with so much traffic and speed cameras and police around the only chance of enjoying the open road is at 3am on a monday morning).

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Sounds like a bargain Andrew. I think the average cost from an OPC for clutch and RMS is about £1,100

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If you live in nottingham I can recommend my friend Seagull, he built his own AC Cobra (using an original cobra chassis) and he services Jaguar sportscars.

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