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clutch pedal spring replacement diy job


23 Sep 2012
Morning all

My clutch pedal is a bit heavy and every now and then makes a ping noise.

I assume the spring could be faulted

Is this a job a handy diyers can complete or is a garage visit recommended
Hi, I've just been upside down in my car following my clutch being very heavy but also kind of creaky and grindy, not a nice feeling.

Anyway, taken off the clutch pedal spring assistance unit (with great difficulty) and this is what I have discovered....

My intention is now to speak to my father in law who is a former engineer, measure precisely the spring size, then purchase, from a spring manufacturer a replacement.

This should keep costs down to about £10.

I have seen a few people with this same issue so my intention is to buy a few springs that I can re-sell - at cost price - on the forum.

If anyone is immediately interested let me know and I'll PM you when I get the springs. (Will be next week now what with the bank holiday).

Also I'll paste the spring size when I get it for those overseas.

you tried driving without the spring, clutch feel in greatly improved, although pedal is somewhat heavier, try it, plenty of US owners remove their springs.
had read that on some Rennlist the other day, does removing it really make that much difference
With or without the spring is the same level of heaviness as my spring was totally snapped as you can see above.
It does feel ok driving without it, at least its nice and smooth now, only problem for me is both I and the wife have knackered left knees so leaving it off for me isn't an option.

I've done the initial measurements of the spring, some digging required as this ain't yer usual run of the mill compression spring <knew it wouldn't be as easy as I thought>, we're talking high Nm numbers, which probably explains the issues in the first place.

EDIT**If anyone on here has an old housing they don't need (pictured) due to the spring snapping can you get in touch, I'll pay a tenner for it intact. Due to the compression figures involved it is going to be much safer to swap these on an exchange basis so if I can get a few housings on the shelf it will speed up the process.

When I'm in Bradford next week I'll arrange manufacture of the springs at the local friendly machine shop, so watch this space.
Quick update for those interested.

Today I visited a spring specialist in Bradford. They have measured the existing spring dimensions and torque settings and, because these items are not shelf parts, they are are going to make up a batch of 10 springs for me, this being the minimum order.

The dimensions will be identical to the original springs and a direct replacement.

They will ring me next Monday or Tuesday when the springs are ready for collection and will also keep the dimensions on file in case I need to order a fresh batch.

I will post here when springs are in hand with prices, initial prices, we're looking at about 10 quid each including p+p, this is mainly because they are not off the shelf items.

This still works out a damn sight cheaper than a new clutch assist module !
Don't do that job after a big breakfast..... Also to keep the pedal down put a brum between pedal and top of the seat ( use cushion to protect leather) . Simply use the switch to bring the top of the seat backward or forward ......make the job so easier. To be under the dash trying to get the unit in or out and pressing with hand the pedal is hard work.
Yes I found that having my son depress the clutch pedal with a length of 2x2 made a killer job take just 5 minutes. And only cost me £2 for some sweets.

So more good news which I didn't want to share until I'd tried it. While I was at the spring makers he gave me 1 spring which is the right size that he had in a box. Tonight I have fitted it to prove the theory and by god has it worked.

My clutch is smooth as you like, very light now, probably the same as the wifes BMW 3 series.

So now we know this is the solution to end world poverty etc, once the remaining springs are made (should be monday or tuesday he said) I'll arrange to have them sent to anyone that wants one.

Also worth noting, to compress the spring into the housing...the housing fits perfectly into a cartridge gun (the type you use for gaulk or silicone sealant). It also allows for the end nipple to have a small split pin put on to stop the spring extending until its back on the car, then remove the split pin and bobs yer uncle.

If anyone needs some pictures with step by step details I can take mine back off and take the photo's, its not difficult once you have the nack.
Great to see Grandadg90 today and his very bright wheels :thumb:

Well guys and girls, the springs are all made up and ready to go. I will sort some photo's of how to best fit them later in the week as promised (presuming it eventually stops blowing a gale and pouring down).

For those that want one, please PM me and we can exchange details (Paypal / Address).

They're £10 each, that covers manufacture, purchase of a padded envelope, postage and paypal fees. This is a non profit venture purely for members of this forum.

I might put a few on ebay at a premium for non members just in case you see them on there at a higher price and wonder whats going on.

I have an arrangement with the fabricators that they will make more in batches of 10 when required so don't panic and all pile in at once.

And that folks...is how us tight Northerners deal with busted Porsche bits :worship:
Nice to see you too fatbloater today. Top man for sorting me out with a spring. Will wait for your tutorial before installing.

Thanks again.Looks a quality product.

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