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clunking noise!

29 Nov 2004
Does anyone have any ideas?

I've got an '82 911 SC that has developed a clunk (almost sounds like something stuck in the wheel) - it started out just on over-run but now happens on pull off as well.

I have quickly checked the obvious hanging off things and if there is anything stuck in the wheels.

Please Help!!


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Loose wheel arch liner or heat shield?

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Cheers Richard,

The older 911's don't have wheel arch liners (not lucky enough to own a 993 yet!!!).

I will check for heat shields - I have now got a sneaky feeling (or may be paranoia!!) that it is the driveshaft - not too bad a price tho'

keep the ideas coming guys!!!

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An update!!

On the way home from work this evening, the noise got louder and I could feel it coming through the whole car.

Pulled over to a layby and had a look underneath - nothing obvious but I managed to give the driveshaft a good tug - I was able to move it back and forth (from wheel to g'box).

After doing this it was fine all the way home!!

1. Should the d'shaft have so much play

2. If not whats going on??


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