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Clock - Strange Behaviour


Albert Park
31 Oct 2010
I recently changed the battery on my car.

All good , hot starts now not an issue.

But I have noticed that when I get in and start the car the clock does not show the correct time.

After about 30 seconds the clock the skips to the correct time.

Very strange.


Thank you
Reset the clock on the dash .. the car is useing the pcm / gps to get the time hence the delay .

Easier in a garage as the gps wont work so you just set it before the gps cuts in and resets it .
Thanks for the input.

I will give it a try
Stuff me that was a quick reply !!

On the instrument cluster .. far right knob at the bottom .. press and hold it in untill the clock starts flashing .. then turn left / right to set the time .

You edited your post :hand:

Yes I did, as I know how to set the clock and was just being thick.

Thanks for your help
Wonder why it doesn't pick up the GPS time when the clocks change then?
Not suggesting the above is wrong btw, just would make sense as the default, but then allow adjustment from that settibg.
Would also save resetting of you travel to Europe / other time zones too.
Strange, but mine has started doing this this last week. The clock on the dash shows the wrong time then after I drive off it jumps to the correct time. Ive tried manually setting the time myself as above but it still does it.

I do park my car in the garage now, so maybe its the gps/pcm suggestion above, but strange how it redid it after I set the correct time. I will check tomorrow and set the correct time again whilst the car is in the garage and see if that works.
For both the above replys please check the settings , there is a summer time setting ... if going abroad then you have to select the country , not sure if that applys to all pcms though

Im afraid im a little weak on all the different PCM,s and the different settings .. to be honest i either look at the pcm and figure it out or read the manual.

All i can say is the GPS will get the time after about 30 seconds and set the clock , not sure if you can turn this function off but i suspect you can .
Hi All, very old thread, but some one might read. My dash clock jumps forward on start up, I have tried setting the correct time and then starting the car and more often than not it jumps forward. Not sure if this is an electrical issue with the power being interrupted during start?

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