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clock losing time/window switch issue


New member
10 Dec 2006
Anyone have any thoughts on;

- My clock keeps losing time - it appears to work but always wrong after a day or so..

- passenger electric window switch doesnt always work in 'up' position

Anyone had similar ?

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My driver's side window switch died on me a couple of months ago - I think the contact inside it must have broken because it just wouldn't work at all.

I got a new switch off ebay for around £17 from a seller in Germany.

I'm a complete techno-numpty and hopeless and car DIY but even I was able to swap it over - it just plugs into the connector. Just be careful not to pull the metal surround out from behind the leather trim when you get a screwdriver behind it to lever out the switch.

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The old window switches were designed by an apprentice on a Friday afternoon at 4:30pm - like the 993 door check strap welds/design.

So expect them to fail - the Porsche price for the switch is an eye watering 35 quid approx. You could let a dealer do it for you and charge you 50 quid extra - but it is an easy DIY job that even I can do - in fact I will drive to your house - change the switch and show you how to use it for 50 quid - you buy the beer.
Such is Porsche ownership.

My 993 has door strap weld failure at 49k (and its had clicking since 30k miles) - you don't even get that on a Nissan Micra.

The quality of Porsche "engineering".

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Shame these little things ... mine's had the drivers side check strap done - unfortunately been done the 'wrong' (ie cheap !) way by welding it from the front ...

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