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Clickity, clackity indicator stalk 997.1


29 Jul 2021
Hi all,

Not sure if it's the age of the car and just a sign of "how things were" or there's something that can make the indicator stalk operator with more of a "thunk" than a "click". Mine seems to feel a bit flimsy but still offering a fair bit of resistance - I'd not noticed on any test drives, as it wasn't a priority really...

It's a small thing but given it's the 3 main thing you touch in the car (steering wheel and gear stick being the first two right?), having something either that's lighter with a click, or more robust feeling would be nice.

Far from a priority, and maybe it's just worn on my car?

Another recent 997 owner here. Mine feels exactly the same. The stalk does feel a bit flexible and flimsy. Not sure how easy it is to do anything about that though. You could try a replacement but would probably feel the same way I reckon.

You could look at bonding a strip of metal to the back of the stalk? Or perhaps slip a layer or two of black heatshrink sleeving over the stalk to make it a bit more rigid?
If its like the ones in the 996 (which are similarly clicky and bendy, and have form for the self-cancelling breaking), its the mechanism rather than the stalks, which are actually more solid than you think.

Anyhow, good to meet some fellow stalk geeks. The ones in McLarens are fantastic, BMW and Merc also have them sorted. I'd pay good money for the mod if someone could retrofit similar ones.
I'm pleased it's not just me ;)

As I say, there's three things that you always touch, the steering wheel, the gearstick and the indicator stalk!

The steering wheel I like, I'm not a fan of big fat wheels to be "sporty" - it's nicely judged to be thin enough without being classic thin.

The gearstick is good for me.

As you say, the BMW stalks are good (had a E91 and i3), and on the opposite scale, the VAG parts bin stalks are good in so much as being lighter to operate with a nice click action. Our Tesla Model 3 stalk is also very good, feels really solid and doesn't clunk at all.

Looks like a summer geek-off project... Maybe I'll try and get a used indicator ring off eBay is there's one cheap enough to see if there's anything obvious ;)
I've seen ads for some lot who mod existing air-cooled car stalks with billet aluminium replacements, by cutting the old ones and bonding the replacements on. Whilst this would improve the feel of the stalks, it would not improve the feel of the mechanism.

Pricing is :eek: , even by Porsche standards...

Off topic, but I recall an auto designer describing the door handles as the 'handshake' of a car.

Lexus 'gets' all of this too... you can tell they've also geeked out on contact points and switches.
Woah :eek: Those are far from cheap for some stalks!

As you say, they wouldn't make the nice "clunk". It's odd, as the the door handles, the door weight, interior handles, are all rather nice on the 997 - the indicator stalk feels like they had about 30p left to spend ;)

I think Audi do the same right? All the soft touch plastics, plush steering wheel but some of the engineering parts are pretty cheap. It's the weird thing with the Tesla 3 - some of the contact points are terrible, cheap and nasty, but then they've engineered in double wishbone suspension up front! Like the engineers got the budget!
I agree, on the 997 the stalks do sound and feel horribly plastic. This is unfortunately probably as good as the accountants allowed them to fit :hand:

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