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Cleaning front rads on 993

Peter B

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18 Aug 2003
How on earth do I get to clear the road and leaf debris partially blocking the front rads on my 993. Do I need to take the whole front bumper off or is there some trick to accessing the air-con units which are about 2" deep in dirt?



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Note - front right is the oilcooler - front left is the aircon radiator.

Pictures here - remove the arch lining and then the aircon radiator - good luck.

or remove the bumper cover

An alternative would be to find a way to remove the grill - then fix it back differently. (anyone done this?)

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hi Peter

jack the front of the car up and remove the wheels then take off all the plastic wheel arch shrouding from the back of the wheel first thats quite important, its no big deal a few posidrive screws and a few plastic nuts takes about 20 mins a side then if you need to you can remove the front lower spoiler grills they sort of pull off backwards as it were. I did this yesterday to replace both ballast resistors about a four hour job including cleaning everything. I used a high pressure air gun to clean the evaporator and oil cooler but they weren't that dirty.
Or give it to JZ machtech they'll do it for about £200 I'd guess

good luck


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I cleaned mine out when I had the front bumper cover off when I was replacing other bits. If you have the time to take off the front cover (instead of getting there via the wheel arch covers) you may find one or two brackets and bits of foam (for airflow?) need replacing.

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