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Clay Bar


17 Nov 2012
A good friend of mine, who wins concours events for fun, has recommended Bilt Hamber soft clay bar. He finds it easy to use and as a bonus it only needs water as a lubricant.

Anybody use this product and what are your thoughts ?

Also I have a silver car so what polish and wax products do people recommend ?

I already own Meguiars polish and Poorboys wax but I think the latter is best for dark colour cars.

Thanks in advance
I have used the BH bars, they are very good but I found that they go hard after a while, so best to get one when you're going to use it, rather than store it for long periods.

TBH I think having waxes for certain colour cars is more a sales ploy than anything else :?: any decent wax will make the car look better than none at all. :thumb:
I use Poorboys Diamond Glaze for light, and silver finishes, and Zymol polish, car usually ends up looking wet, it's Meridian Silver.
Yes I have used the Bilt Hamber clay bar, and it is excellent, AND as you say you only need water. I keep them in the box and haven't noticed it going hard :eek:

I have used Zaino Z2 and Z8 on the car for the past few years, and in Polar Silver it looks OK to me.


I will be trying something else next though, just to try something different. :eek:
I generally use Megs clay bars but never tried them with only water.

Any clay bar will make a huge difference to the paintwork!
:) I'am a big fan of Zaino products
Thanks for all of that chaps :thumbs:

I will hope to give the Pork a really good clean in a couple of weeks
After a mammoth cleaning session yesterday I have lost my clay bar virginity :D
My neighbours thought I was some sort of nutjob wiping clay over an already clean car on one of the hottest days of the year :lol:
The thing is that the laborious task is so worth the effort. My car has never looked so good . The amount of rubbish that came off of my paint was amazing.
It really made the polishing and waxing easier and gave the car a deeper lustre.

Sorry no pics but I really am crap at this PC lark.
Guys going to buy some of this BH Stuff after reading this tread, ive never clayed a car before what grade should i get soft,medium or regular :?: :?:
I bought the soft type.
Very easy to use and as I have said so worth the effort.
You will not be disappointed :thumbs:
I'm glad I'm not the only one who's neighbours think they are mad. Mine are teachers who drive a Peugeot 106 with the hubcaps missing. I don't think I have ever seen that car being washed. They think I'm nuts when I wash an already clean car. Each to their own.

I was out using my Zaino Z-18 clay bar on the beetle today it's great for getting tree sap etc off the car, used some Z-5 Polish after just got to finish it off with Z-6 tomorrow...sad i know :floor:
Just used BH regular - my first clay experience! Can't believe how good it is. On a 11 year old 996tt the paint is silky smooth. I'll be polishing it tomorrow :)
I used clay for the first time on Saturday. It was pretty hard going as clay was going hard every minute or so as it was so cold.

I let the other piece I was using in hot water, but it didn't stay supple for long!

The main point of the post was that after I washed the car, I was shocked to see what looked like major streak marks all over the car. I made sure I kept very well (if not over) lubed, and kept needing the bar.

I got really worried, but after polish and wax there was nothing left of the streaking. Is this usual?
Yes, you still have to be careful when using a clay bar, as it's possible to marr the paintwork in the process. I would only clay if the car was going to be machine polished afterwards. :thumb:

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