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Clattering suspension


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8 Dec 2002
Had a fright on my return from France - my boss ( wifey ) says " Theres a nasty knock from the front of the car & it feels awful above 80mph....."

Shouldn't be speeding says me & takes it for a spin.

Sure enough, she's bang on with her diagnosis & the sound is metal to metal & coming from the front nearside.

To cut a short story even shorter, dropped in at a mates garage & got it up on the ramp.

The locknut on the bottom of the strut insert had dropped off, allowing the insert to slowly unscrew itself until it was no longer fastened to the bottom of the strut housing, meaning I had no rebound damping on the front offside & a horrible bang when it compressed & the insert came back in to contact with the bottom of the leg.

A thorough check of the strut revealed it needed nothing more than threading back into the housing & a new locknut ( loctited! ) fitting.


The really good bit though was whilst messing about under the wheel arches I discovered that I have RUF adjustable suspension on the car instead of what I thought was a standard setup lowered a bit to go along with the RUF wheels & RUF front spoiler extension!


Andy :D :D :D

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You are lucky to get away with that. What worries me is how it came undone. It has a cotter pin and takes an enormous amount of effort to get undone normally. Have you had some work done to the front end recently?

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There's no provision for a cotter pin/split pin on the RUF shocks, they rely on the locking action of the lock nut against the bottom of the strut housing - it's easy to check from outside thecar so I'll just have to check it periodically.


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