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Classic Insurance for the younger man


21 Jan 2003
I have been saving the pennies for a few years now in order to get the ultimate car (a 911!), problem is im only 24.

Do I stand a chance of getting a classic Insurance policy (max 5000 miles) before im 25?

I have tried a few companies but they have all said I need to be 25 (if not 30).

Can anyone help?

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I think you should be able to get cover without too much trouble. The specialists tend to focus on the more typically aged Porsche driver and will be unlikely to give you cover. I would suggest you actually try some of the bigger insurers.

I was 26 (just !) when I bought my '89 911 3.2 - I tried all of the specialists and was either not being quoted or getting silly numbers like £4000 for 3000 miles ! (I do park on street in London so bound to be very high anyway, but not that high !) Out of desperation I tried my existing insurer, Admiral, who quoted me £810 (which I accepted) for 3000 miles fully comp with a protected no claims bonus and my 25 year old girlfriend as a named driver - so it defintiely is possible (I have since increased it to 5000 miles which cost me the princely sum of £29.95 !!) I also got quotes (only a wee bit higher) from Elephant.co.uk and Tesco.

I wouldn't get too hung up on the idea of having 'Classic Car' Insurance - I don't think it really makes a difference. Certainly if you wait until you are 25 you will find it a lot easier and cheaper to get cover, but I'm sure you should be able to get it (at a price) at 24.

By the way, what were you thinking of buying ? If you are inclined to buy something soon I'd get your skates on as prices invariably start to creep up a bit as Spring begins to spring !


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Thanks for the reply Jamie, I was looking at a late eighties, non-turbo 911 coupe, although I have recently seen a few 964s creeping towards my price range (£16,000ish).

I have wanted a 911 since the day I started work, but have only started looking seriously in the last few months as I was intending to wait until I was 25. Its the just more I see them, the less I want to wait! Do the prices go up by much in the summer?

Really do need classic Insurance though. Although I have a clean liscence, no no claims! I have been using pool cars from work and a family car for the last 6 years. I dont really need a car for pratical day to day use, just want one to enjoy! :)

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Just for info my 89 3.2 costs me £690 with Lancaster f/comp. I'm 29, have full NCB on my other car and 4 years on this policy (and clean licence!). This is limited to 6000 miles and includes RAC full UK & Europe Rescue/Recovery in with the price and also has an agreed value on the car in the event of a nasty claim. Oh, and it's garaged. I'll be 30 by the time I renew so it'll be interesting to see if that affects things!


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Harry. I think Jamie's point is that "Classic car" Insurance will not necessarily be cheaper than "normal" Insurance. Unfortunately there is nothing for it other than to start phoning around!


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Maybe I'm missing something but I'm not sure what the big deal about so-called 'Classic Car' Insurance is. From what I gather these type of policies are generally offered by small insurers who tend to specialise in certain types of car - usually limited mileage and second car use. I think it is probably a misaprehension to assume that a 'classic' policy will be any cheaper than a conventional one in every case. All of the big insurers will offer limited mileage policies and in my opinion there is nothing so special about a late 80's 911 that means it needs a particularly special Insurance policy. As Nathan mentions you can usually obtain an agreed valuation for peace of mind, but most conventional fully comp policies will give you a recovery service, European cover and will give you appropriate discounts for alarms / immobilisers / garaging etc - what more could you need ? Please put me straight if I'm missing a trick here !

Harry, in your case where your age is obviously the main stumbling block I'm pretty sure you will get a more competitive quote from one of the big boys - granted you probably won't get track day cover or a Porsche Club discount, but that is the pay off for a cheaper quote. I would brace yourself though, it sounds like you've not had your own Insurance and hence no built up no-claims bonus - it is going to cost you a hell of a lot of money to get cover !

With that in mind I would have some doubts about going for a 964. Whilst a good, well maintained 964 will be perfectly reliable and economic to run, the lower down the price scale you go, the more potential heartache and bank-balance crippling service and repair work you are letting yourself in for. As you will be forking out big time for Insurance I would have that you want to keep running costs to a minimum. Supposedly the old adage here is 'better a good 3.2 than a bad 964 !' I went through exactly the same process as you are now and settled on the rather more bullet-proof 3.2 than the more modern and high-tech but potentially niggly and expensive 964. I don't mean to try to put you off as the 964 is a undoubtedly a great car, but as you will pick up if you look at the buying guides and some of the other threads on this site you will see that there are some fairly common problems with the 964 that can be v. expensive to sort and there is nothing worse than having your car perpetually in the garage. Whatever you decide on, take your time and have a really good look around (I rather rushed it and slightly regret it now as I paid more than I needed to have done) and as everyone else here keeps saying, make sure you get a pre-purchase inspection carried out by a specialist - definitely worth the expense !


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I don't think you are missing anything and I agree with you. Personally though I have had much better quotes from classic car policies than "normal" policies (914-6, SC, Carrera 2.7 and 964 RS). Of course, everyone is different though and it is definitely worth phoning around.

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new to the forum but for my pennies worth about Insurance. I've a D plate SSE targa with lowered suspension 30mm,sports backbox and 17 inch carrera cup alloy wheels. (All done by the previous owner) I'm 35 and had ball park quotes of 465 for 12000 miles with Norwich Union, this went up to 670 due to the mods !

I have rang several insurers advertised in the Porsche Post anf they are all + £100.

I'll be giving Carole Nash a ring shortly and see how I get on

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Darren, I have no personal experience with it but have heard that increased Insurance quotes caused by mods can sometimes be avoided if they are described in extreme technical detail in a letter rather than over the phone. For example, rather than saying, "I have uprated suspension" you can write the line "Damaged torsion bars replaced with 22mm xbrand torsion bars". With more imagination and time you could do a better job but you get my point. Kind of baffling them with science. What is better is that you have written evidence that you have told them about all the mods. Apparently this has worked for other people.

Cheers, James

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Oh, forgot to mention too, my company wanted an additional £90 for the privilege of sitting on the left!

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Funny that, my insurers didn't seem to be too bothered that I also sit on the side of the car that the designers originally intended ! (but maybe my premium was already pretty hugely loaded against me - age, London, on street blah blah !)

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Thanks for all the info, some really useful stuff there!

I dont want to get too hung up on classic Insurance versus normal policy, but I have just remembered something one Insurance company told me when I requested a classic quote.

Is it true that you can only have a classic policy on a 2nd car? i.e. you must have a day to day Insurance policy as well? This didnt sound right to me.

They did say they would give me a small discount though if I insured both cars with them, which I thought was nice of them!

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Having done a bit more delving (that thread on Pelican for instance) I now think I can see what the benefit of Classic Insurance is. (Stop me if this is blindingly obvious to everyone else !)

It would seem that, as Harry suggests, Classic policies are normally for second cars and often don't require you to use your NCD, thus allowing you to use the full NCD on your daily runabout. If however you insure the Porsche on a conventional policy, chances are it will use your full NCD, leaving you starting from scratch with a new policy and no discount on your daily runabout, which could prove to be very expensive.

That said, if the Porsche is your only car then this is not a problem ! Clearly the choice between classic and normal policy comes down to how much you intend to use the Porsche and whether or not you have another car which you need to insure. I think I get it now ! :oops:


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This no claims policy not being transferrable to other cars that you drive is absolutely rediculous as it should be the driver and not the car with the NCB. I am quite sure some Insurance companies do take into consideration. Best to ask around.


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