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Chuffed New Owner, but....


23 Nov 2006
I'm delighted to say that I finally own a 1995 993 Cab and what's more, with only 18000 miles on the clock, FPSH and 12 months warranty (albeit from Jaguar), I 'm chuffed to bits!!! But their's the rub..... Having insisted on driving it home with the top down at 5 deg C (and a considerable wind-chill factor), I noticed condensation on the inside of all the instruments. They are fine under normal circumstances but I suspect that a seal has gone somewhere, assuming that they should be a sealed unit. Am I correct in thinking this, and if so, is it a known problem - no doubt someone will suggest that its been "clocked" or worse, crashed - I hope not since the rest of the car matches the low mileage. If this is a fault then I have a dilemna - should I replace the unit under warranty but get a "zero'ed" mileometer - could look a bit dodgey on resale, or do I just accept the problem. I suspect that if I leave it, eventually the instrument cluster will deteriorate over time! The only other issue, much more minor, is the rear window. It's got a couple of relatively large scratches on it, not deep, but approx 1mm wide. Can these be polished out? I notice that the entire window can be unzipped from the fabric roof - why is this? Does it mean that I can just buy the window as a repacement part? I look forward to your advice.

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Hi Paul, you may have a problem with peeling of the black backing on the instrument panel over time

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nought wrong with a zero'ed speedo, just need the service book correctly stamped.... had that on my last car

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The instruments in my 3.2 Carrera fogged up and its very occasionally done the same in the 993 - the speedo as an example is not sealed - the little prodder that zeros the trip goes through the glass - mine has fine dust which has entered.
Normal on these items would be my view - cold instrument glass plus humidity and heater on in the car = fogging.

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I am sure I saw a story about a 993 cab a chap had driven into a swimming pool recently ...

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... only kidding :)

Having condensation inside the instruments is not unusual in damp cold weather. As long as it's not there all the time. If you are going to keep it garaged it will go away. If it's kept outside at this time of year you will get this in the cold mornings.

They are not sealed units.


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This would cause a bit of condensation......for a while...


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That's my car!!!!!!!! And they even respayed it!!!!!

You don't know how close you are! The car actually did get flooded (so I understand) and had the alarm replaced, the carpets removed and dried etc by Porsche, Guildford. However, I don't think for one minute that it got quite that high!!!Having rechecked the dash, I suspect that the instruments have been removed at some stage - the clock isn't flush with the dash. Still, I'd be very reassured if the instruments are indeed not meant to be sealed!!! No worries if that's the case!!!!

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Hi Paul,

First of all welcome to the forum, can not comment to much on your instument problem other than i have had my 993 cab out with the hood down in very cold weather ( brill cure for a headache by the way) with no instrument fogging i would contact the Jag dealer to get it rectified under your warranty. Ref your rear screen scratches, yes the rear screen can be changed on its own contact Paragon Porsche for advice on this, They changed the rear screen on my 993 cab.

P.S worth checking with Porsche to ensure the top hood locking motors have been changed, as all 993 cabs were recalled for this, if the job has not been done your nearest OPC will do them for you free of charge

Enjoy your car

Regards Walt 993C2 Cab

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If the car has had water in it then you will get these sorts of things until the car has completely dried out. If it's going to live in a dry garage it will dry out slowly on it's own but if not it might be worth sticking a de-humidifier inside the car for a few days to suck all the excess moisture out.


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Hi Paul, Welcome to the Fourm..

Pleased your loving the 993... My speedo has fogged up once or twice in the last year, I would not though it is a sealed unit...

As for the bodywork marks, would need to see some pic's..


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I have the same issue on my cab and it comes and goes. It happens on cold damp days when the lights are on when the instruments are going hot and cold with starting and stopping. It also happended when I covered the car without giving it a few days to dry out. I've never considered it a problem but if it happens all the time then it might be worth checking with a specialist, especially as the car's under warranty.

The PCGB forum can also be a great help.

The rear screen can be polished to remove opaqueness but I can't remember the product that most of the magazines recommend. You may reduce a scratch but it will be hard to remove it all together. Can't comment on replacing the screen on its own but speak to Southbound or another trim company. Southbound recommended a firm in Godalming to me.

The screen is zipped as you are supposed to drop it before lowering the hood. That way it lays relatively flat and doesn't (shouldn't) get creased by the folding of the hood.

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Porsche sell their own product for rear plastic screens, used it on my Boxster and it worked wonders, can't remember exactly what it's called, but polyglass rings a bell.

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Welcome! Glad you are enjoying your new car.

The fogging will get better with use- my guess is the car has been sitting outside at the dealership for a bit, waiting for prep etc.

The best cure is lots of use, which I'm sure you will give it! To speed things along, keep the side/headlights on whenever the car is out and about as this will create a bit of extra heat in the instruments and dry them out quicker.

It may also be worth checking that the a/c, if fitted, is working properly.

For your scratchy rear window, try this

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That's a good link Robert, will give that stuff a try.

Cheers, Chris.

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