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Childrens Trust Super Car charity 22/23 July


8 Feb 2009
Now in its 16th year, originally at the Top Gear track, but its been at Goodwood for a few years now. I was chuffed to be invited back. The aim to raise 100k in 2 days
I think the total is close to a million, after this weekend
Punters, either pre book ( cheaper) or pay on the day. £37 for first come first served, so any car queuing, passenger gets in. Or £65 pre book a favourite car. VIP a full on race GT car, probably a lot more.
Limited to speed limits, with coned chicanes placed on straights to curb speeds, this actually made it more fun, slow very fast out 😂, many cones scattered across track. Under 12, 70 mph limit, adults 100 mph, speeds were observed ( sometimes ) 😉
GT2 gearbox was finally rebuilt in time, so 5 am alarm call, was in order, for 7.30 at Goodwood
Realised the GT2 is really boring on uk roads and my 964 is an absolute hoot!
Not as boring as my old 997 Turbo, omg yawn!!!
As locals get more and more frustrated with bikers on route to Goodwood ( 2 biker deaths recently ) they are out in force, hi vis and speed gun at ready in Petworth, and tbh I support them, respect 30 mph and their Villiage
Respect 40, but when that magic black line, on a white background appears push on 😎. My favourite bit of road A272 Wisbourgh Green to Petworth, is like a mini ring, will soon have Average Speed cameras, and many others, being proposed 😢
Anyway back to GT2, 60 mph on uk twisties BORING! 964, massive grin.

First passengers all children, so with curbed speed. A very mixed bag of reactions, from OMG Amazing! Wicked!
One particular kid, helped out of his wheelchair and into my car, was very worried that we wouldn't go too fast, his twin brother also in a wheelchair was in a Maclaren next to me. I reassured him and his parents, we would be travelling at motorway speeds, which helped. Anyway red flag came out, Toyata Celica 900 bhp, broke down, there's a surprise 😡 All my limited knowledge of Xbox,PS4 Forza etc was pushed to the limit, while we sat in the holding area, as I could tell he was getting a little worried. Anyway he loved it, the parents couldn't thank me enough.

Maclarens reliability 😂😂😂😂
One dumped coolant in front of me on track, then caught fire
One broke down on track, and thats where it stayed till lunchtime.
Another called out for Maclaren assistance as in limp mode

Probably done 200 quid, in fuel and got home about 8pm shattered, but OMG what a fantastic worthwhile day
A few pics.
Including a 720 Syder with foam on it after fire 🙄


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Last 3 promise


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I was driving on the Friday!

Kids loved it, did some quick corners to make up for the lower top speeds.

Great day for a great cause.
Money raised for a great cause. :thumbs:

It's just a shame it was kept a secret until after the event. :roll:
T8 said:
Money raised for a great cause. :thumbs:

It's just a shame it was kept a secret until after the event. :roll:
16th year, thousands were there, the secret might be out of the bag 🤷"â™€ï¸
Fab day for the kids :thumbs:

Is that the 996 turbo you bought? I'm doing something similar to a 997 turbo :thumbs:
IMI A said:
Fab day for the kids :thumbs:

Is that the 996 turbo you bought? I'm doing something similar to a 997 turbo :thumbs:
Your doing a charity Trackday ? Fantastic
Hope it is a good cause

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