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Chelsea Carrera

Rich C

New member
23 May 2005
Does anybody have an opinion on Chelsea Carrera for servicing? They appear to be much better value than their south west london rivals Charles Ivey.



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Heard some v good reports. No experience, tho'.

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Been taking my 993 CAB C4 for a couple of years, good crew, would recommend.

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I have been thinking about leaving my car in there too. Did some reading on forums etc. They seem to get thumbs up from everyone - seen no bad reports. The guys at 911 Virgin also recommend them - not sure whether that's a good thing though. My issue with Charles Ivey is the same regarding price. Incidentally, a lot of others feel the same too. My car has been in there 3 times since February for some simple & more serious work. The quality of the work seems fine but they really know how to charge for it. I had read on previous forums that they had a habit of recommending 'extra' work that they find when working on a job. Naturally, most people tend to pay. That's exactly what I've done too but am now going to shop around.

Looks like I've just talked myself into trying Chelsea Carrera then!

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Chelsea was recommended to me - have no experience there but I agree with your views on Charles Ivey - lots of bullsh*t items added in while it is there like £100 to adjust the handbrake etc.


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Charles Ivey

What can i say they took out the fuse to my horn and didn’t put it back in because they were to lazy to disarm the alarm

Good for getting a charged battery maybe (they are just over the bridge for me)

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Have been using Chelsea Carrera for a few years now and am happy to continue doing so. Their set up is certainly not the most glamourous, but Lawrence and Will are straightforward guys to deal with and their pricing is reasonable.


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from what I have ssen, Charles Ivey basic pricing is too close to OPC, which didn't really make it an alternative to the OPC's......... I thought £389 EXC VAT ! for just an oil change was a tad steep !

does anyone have details on their pricing, services, etc ?

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Looks like Chelsea Carrera is the place to use if you live in South West London. Thanks for all of the advice.


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I have used Chelsea Carrera for just over a year and have always found them friendly and professional - and they are totally straightforwards. Highly recommended.


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Anyone use these guys for a 996? I'm in E1 so facing a day out to JZ or maybe Camtune otherwise....



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Isnt there a dealer/inde now in docklands??

i just need to remember the name................ :?

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Think camtune were there, but only for pickup/delivery from/to their Godalmiing setup


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Anyone have any updates on these guys? I have just realised I need a service/MOT within the next couple of weeks. I used JZM last year but I'm not upgrading anything this year and don't have the time or patience at the mo to get the car up there and then the hassle of sorting out their rental car or the train back to London, and then the reverse to pick up the car again. CC are relatively local to me so if they are regarded as good I might give them a try.

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Still use them, still happy .......


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