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Check Engine Visit Workshop warning sign and loss of power


New member
31 Jul 2012
Check Engine Visit Workshop sign came on also sounded rough. stopped immediately. any ideas?...
My first thought, if it lost power and was idling very rough (or struggling to idle at all) is coil packs.
This happened to me exactly the same my pants filled with the brown stuff.

Coil pack 1 sits under a water drain off pipe. And corrosion and dampness messes with it.

I found the car runs rought missfire for a few mins then once engine is turned off and head allowed to clear dampness it runs fine again. My indi advised my to run car for a while to see if it cleared. After a couple of future problems I took it to him happy to replace all six, he only replaced one as rest were fine. Car running fine now in all weather's.

Yip it could be some thing else but a coil pack is a cheap possible quick fix.

Best of luck mate
just something daft but couldn't the mass airflow do that also.
Reason is, mine screwed up and threw car into limp, turned engine off then on, was fine... drove to Indi and computer says it needs this and that, misfire ect.. but only confused the computer.

cleaned the mass airflow and no problems or errors.
Just an idea...

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