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cheap 2S


23 Feb 2009
Happended upon this article;

Mileage Adjusting Values for Porsche 993 Carrera 2S
by JOHN on MARCH 23, 2013

A mate's just sold his much-loved Porsche 993 Carrera 2S with a terrific spec. I recently valued this Porsche car for Insurance, which prompted the owner to review his priorities: a process which led to a private sale ad on Pistonheads, and the immediate sale to a very sharp buyer.

The market for 993 C2S is currently something like £35k for a 70k-mile car offered in sparkling condition. This car was advertised and sold for less than half that price. Why? Mileage.

Mileage is a thorny subject on Porsches. How hard do you hit a high-mileage Porsche versus something with average distance? Everyone has an opinion: mine comes from ten years creating and maintaining mileage tables for 'normal' cars, as Glass's Guide Editor for Older Cars and Consumer Values. Glass's is like the UK's Kelly Blue Book, and traders here are very hot on mileage adjustments.

Glass's don't do mileage tables for Porsche cars and the like, as mileage adjusting prestige sports and supercars is a complex strategy requiring some research into history, maintenance, big money spent and condition at the point of sale. You can't simply say '£1,000 off per ten thousand miles" as, on some Porsche cars, that would leave nothing.

This 993 C2S was well up on the miles at just over 200,000, but had bills totalling tens of thousands of pounds. Everything worked, including the electric hardback seats and air con. A full service history showed an engine rebuild at 187k including RS flywheel and clutch, uprated cams, and a remap to 330 bhp with 300 torques.

At 192k, the transmission was rebuilt, with new pinion shaft bearings and a Porsche Motorsport four-plate LSD. At 197k miles, the body was redone; glass out, corrosion in the screen apertures corrected and a respray in proper Vesuvius. New windscreen, and wheels refurbed to match the paint.

At 200k, the suspension was gifted some KW Variant 3 dampers and springs, new rear control arms, front wishbone bushes, eccentric assemblies and bolts for camber adjustment. All in all, it was a proper little spanker.

The sale price of £16,500 seems a bargain for this car, which I valued rather higher for Insurance. The seller is happy and I guess the new owner is too, but I wouldn't want to have to replace that car with only £16,500 to spend. Remember your Insurance values – always agree when offered the chance, and watch that rising market!

"The market for 993 C2S is currently something like £35k for a 70k-mile car offered in sparkling condition. This car was advertised and sold for less than half that price. Why? Mileage."

Really, that cheap? Am I the only one that wouldve ripped his arm off at that price, even thouigh I dont want or need a 993 2S???

Engine and gearbox rebuilt, paint done, new suspension, might only need the interior re-doing, say £3k. So £20k for a car in better nick that many 80k mile cars. or not...
Don't remember seeing that one on PH and I have been trawling religiously looking for a 993 for a year previous to Feb when I picked up a C2 with less miles but more money............I like the NB but would have snapped that one up for £16,500.........
Did you miss the thread where a member from here bought it and then advertised it a week or 2 later with a healthy markup?

Just wished i had got in first :grin:
Yep remember that car being disused on PH. Resold days later or a good wedge :thumb:

In short the car was under sold :hand:
The owner seemed a knowledgable 993 owner with his informed choice of repairs/upgrades. Then sells for £16,500 :?: Don't add up.
:dont know:
Only joined here once I purchased........I know, I know......

Must have missed it on PH, what else have I missed :eek:
I saw the advert on PH at c£16k but when you clicked on it a message came up saying waiting for approval.

It then disappeared.

A few days later I was collecting my car from strasse and it came up in conversation as it was one of their customers cars. I think he bought it with high miles to start with and used it for track.

When strasse rebuilt the engine thy said when stripped down it did not need a rebuild at c190k miles.

I believe the seller had been inundated with calls.

Was sold and advertised on piston heads for c£27k. A previous thread on here was responded to by both the original seller and the guy reselling. He justified the big markup stating he had had to spend a fair bit on it for resale from memory implying underbody repairs :dont know:

It did not sell for a few weeks and price was dropped to c£24k. It sold last week.

Not that I'm keeping an eye on the market but it was an interesting car.
Yes, I followed up with this particular car as well.

If iirc, the car has been remapped and if its not something plug and play, it'd be difficult to restore it back to original program?

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