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Chat Room

James Ball

Well-known member
21 May 2002

It has been suggested that we might make good use of a chat room on this site. Is such a thing possible with your software? What do you reckon?


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A chat room is possible, but they're very bandwidth hungry and would probably kill 911uk.com within hours which is why many sites tend to use forums only. I do think there is value in this suggestion though, and will have a look around for a externally hosted solution. I'm not willing to pay for a package unless people are actually going to use it though, so I'll only be looking at freebie versions at the moment.

If anyone knows of a good system, drop me a line and I'll take a look.


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Hi Phil and James!

Well the other day James, another person and I were at the same time on the forum. It would have been a pleasure to talk "live" without the delay of the mails. That's why I proposed it.

Now if, as member of the forum, we register to ICQ. Could it be possible when we come on the forum to see who's there; recognisable by its nickname followed by its ICQ number?

Easy and cheap if it works!


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I've had a look around and have signed up on a free basis with a java chat service which I've integrated into the site. You can reach the page from the main menu or click below:


Please give it a go and let me know how you all get on :)

We may all need to agree a set time to visit, otherwise people will just pop in, see nobody is there then leave!

Oh - and please spread the word!

[JP] - Thanks, would consider your alternative if this method doesn't work.



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Thanks Phil,

you have been quick!

I did try a connection this morning. No problemo!


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I tried a few times this morning (Monday) and got "Connecting to Server... Error Connecting. Please try again" messages.

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James - seems OK at the moment (12:30) - I wonder if this is a firewall issue...

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I still can't get in so I guess so.

Looks like I will have to sit out of the chat room action then.

Boo hoo...sob...sob..

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I've had the same 'Error connecting'. Given that this is the firms' system and knowing that firewalls are in place to stop you even getting your hotmail or similar account, I suspect that I too will be on the sidelines......................

I'll get it a whirl from the home pc and see if I get the same message

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I was connected sunday and monday around 20:00.

Connection is perfect... c'mon guys solve your problem! 8)


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RIGHT! Investigating alternative.... will keep you posted. :)

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