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Charging battery,plugs removal or not?


10 Oct 2012
I got a spare original Porsche battery with my car when I bought it.
I want to keep it topped up and was wondering do the plugs need to be removed when charging.
It seems they should be removed on all batterys that have the plugs fitted, I can't find anything about Porsche original batterys.

I thought those that had plugs for adding water etc were last fitted to Humber Sceptres :dont know:

Over recent years I've never seen how they can be undone as they look sealed up to me so never bothered. Worked OK so far as the battery in my Audi is now on its 10th year :thumb:
Battery plugs

Here is a photo of the plugs that I mean.


  • battery_162.jpg
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Amazing, you must have the last non-"sealed" battery in existence.

Those ports are for water top up, the end acid vapour relief pipe is to cope with any charge/discharge releases.

So, no, don't take the plugs out.

Perhaps the Porsche museum or even our very own Beaulieu might be interested in the battery as an exhibit when it finally croaks though :thumb:
GT4 that's what I thought :? That battery is an antique.
In all seriousness, OPC still commission the Molls at point of purchase (for unlimited shelf life)

This entails a battery kit: the carcass, dry acid powder and distilled water.

The powder and water are mixed and poured into the carcass.

The battery is then "live".

"Antique" is still the right word for both the technology and fragility, though.

The Moll's capabilities and longevities are shocking poor, especially when you consider you are paying double the cost of a top-of-the-range Bosch PowerFrame/AGM/Sealed 5 year guaranteed technology for almost half the capacity/CCA and just 2 years warranty!

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