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jay jay

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13 Feb 2003
O.K. right now am feeling a little shell - shocked. Have done 6,000 miles and totally enjoyed every one. But I've sold my first Porsche and made £3 K profit....and had the time of my life.
Half of me thinks i'm nuts & the other half thinks i'm a proper clever *****.
What do you think ?

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Ahh very interesting, I thought that C4S owners who were selling up weren't losing money - didn't know they were making money!!

I think I read in another post that you are looking to order a cab soon, so that would make your sale a clever bit of business.

On the other hand though, you'll miss out on the fun until the new on e arrives :(

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Sounds like you should put the 3K deposit down for a 997 or dare I mention the baby aston, did enquire on the aston 3K down delivery 2005 think you would make a few grand on one of these if you are prepared to wait.

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Haven't seen much press on the baby ason - has a spec been released?

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What did you pay for yours? Looking around at others seems difficult to believe such a big profit to be made! Might put the old girl up for sale and gear up!

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The DB8 (initially the car had the code name of AM305 and was to be mid-engined) was styled by Ian Callum who was responsible for the DB7 and V12 Vanquish.

In September 2001, Henrik Fisher was appointed Head of Design at Aston Martin, and was given the task to oversee the total redesign of AM305 as a direct competitor for the Porsche 996.

Spec is:

4.3 Litre V8, estimated 370bhp, estimated at over 170 mph, estimated at around 4.5 seconds.

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I have only seen the reports of the baby aston from Auto Express, I like the idea although appreciate that the current DB7 is not quite the car I would like, I have not seen a clean 997 photo without the disguises although this is a bit academic as they are all out of my price band at the moment anyways but then again by the time my name came in on a list it might be.

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I imported mine from Sweden and whilst the supplying dealer's price was attractive - i also benefitted from an absurdly good Kroner exchange rate which i "locked into" about 3 months prior to delivery. All great good fortune but now the kroner's firmed up and cannot hope to repeat the deal.

CFOURS on the road was £64,800 (after all associated costs..ferry, flight, tax, etc) ...UK list was £70,100......and sell at ££67,500.

C4S CAB coming in October from a UK OPC.....should be able to dry my hair & hopefully enjoy some more "cost-effective" premium motoring. (Sarbs - just joshing )

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private punter.

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Couldn't you have waited till a little closer to the time the cab arrives? :(

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Maybe i could / should have waited........but then maybe i might not have found such a sweet deal. It's all a bit of a trade-off really and i'm delighted with this particular result. Don't forget CFOURS was a "C16" import and they will always be a couple of grand behind UK supplied. On this occasion i've played my "hand of cards" and come out on the upside. Money banked and in the kitty. Leaving me free to find a new summer toy with nearly 3K to the good. Wa-hey!!!!

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Er.... Jay Jay - What will you be bringing to the "Can You Handle It?" event????

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Maybe Elise....maybe VX220 turbo.....maybe BMW Z4.........i'm looking to acquire a cost effective rear wheel drive open top summer something to run until CFOURSCAB arrives. But i'll be there with something, to be sure !

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Jay Jay,

I know of a black Elise 160s that is owned by a v. good mate of mine who has just bought a new Tuscan S, he thought he could offload his Lotus for £19500 privately but has still got it.

He recently agreed to sell it to a Lotus/TVR dealer for £17,000, but the dealer p**sed him off over a chipped windscreen and my mate told him to pi** off.

The car is on a W plate has done 12k or so and is in great nick, the 160s looks grat and goes even better.

He is advertising it privately at £18,500 and I reckon you could get it for £17k and sell it back to a delaer in the winter for similar. (or keep it)

Email me if you are interested.

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