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Centre radiator,,,?


New member
27 Jun 2011

Had a search for this couldn't find any relevant threads, so...

Having been reading about low temp thermostats being a good idea is there consensus on whether a retro fit centre rad is a worthwhile thing to do. Or is it only really required in hotter climates?

I've fitted both the stat and centre rad on my 996 and would recommend them both. Some say the centre rad doesn't make any difference but in my tests the stat took the temp down slightly at normal running and then the rad did the same by a couple more degrees.
IMO this has got to help the engine as it takes longer for the engine to get too hot where the oil is too thin to be at its best, it also now runs cooler when sat in traffic when no air is moving through the rads as extra heat dissipation is at work.
Also when the engine is getting hot the rads have more cooler coolant ready to flow back though the engine once on the move again helping it cool down quicker than standard.
The low temp stat will lower general running temps, the centre rad will lower the temp at high-load use, eg tracking.
If I'm correct they develop their cars in most climates to make sure they can stand all extremes that the car is likely to come across and as far as I know they are all the same as this cuts down on development costs. It would be worth investigating to make sure you have the same opening temp as our UK cars though.
If it is the same as the europe spec the low temp thermostat will help in hot climates.
Thank you, gents!
+1 thank you as well

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