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Centre cap 'delete'


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1 Oct 2010
I've taken off my centre caps as I think I prefer the look of the car without them. The car looks more rough n ready without them, a bit of a nod to the hot rod scene I suppose.

I was just wondering whether there were any downsides I ought to be aware of if leaving the hubs open. I can't think of anything other than a bit of dirt building up in there which I will need to clean, but just wondering if there was anything else to be weary of?
The dirt.

Because of the "well", you will need to take the the wheels off to clean all of the dirt out.

There is no way either a vacuum or hose can get it all out whilst the wheel is still on and the wheel sealing to the hubs.

..... Will try it out for a while then put caps back on if too much hassle to keep clean.
Just beware, if the dirt (+grease/gunge) finds its way onto the mating surfaces during wheel changes, the wheels may not sit true on refit.

(just like an uneven layer of paint on the wheel mating surface may cause mis-balance oscillations etc)

I only mention this if you expect to swap wheels/tyres frequently yourself for tracking etc, it just adds another issue to be aware of.
I know, that's why I specifically mentioned it :thumb:

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